For a couple of years now I have resisted the teaching of James Lloyd's twin timelines of the six old testament era kingdoms (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome) with a second set of six parallel new testament kingdoms (The Holy Roman Empire, Imperial Spain, Britain, Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany and the USA.)

In truth, I could not see the entities of the Holy Roman Empire and Imperial Spain in the revelation account, as the text focuses rather on the identity of Jesus Christ and satan's false antichrist of the image made to the beast. Satans twin timeline parallels are actually an insane counterfeit of God the Father by satan, with his tail wriggling through history counterfeiting the Holy Spirit.

Satan's Left And Right Hand Conterfeits
Here we see the benefit of examining the wider history of the Christian age and of the Old Testament Era. (When applied though a wider set of lenses.) We interpret them in light of the results found in the book of revelation. Strangely enough, we may use satan's jealousy as a guide.

Discontinuity - A Deadly Wound
This page should really be copied to the 6,7,8 cycle revisited section: but is included here because it is without a doubt a good place! The kingdom of God is most certainly not the seventh in the count of "the eighth is of the seven" as in revelation: properly the beast in Daniel's vision and of the similar beasts of John's visions in the Spirit indicate that to some degree satan has had to dismiss the results of Rome and Spain in the NT timeline. The NWO is not four kingdoms separated: but in the device of the first four seals is an amalgam of three to one.

The Madness Of The Dragon
Satans attempt to match the kingdom of heaven with jealousy and mimickry is shamefully corrupt - it comes nowhere even near close. Without eyes to see there is little hope for those that have no idea of the dragon's devices.

A Bag Full Of Holes
As also in the revelation "redux" section, there is this content required in this section. Where better to put this than here? The construction of the devil's jealous device is described algebraically when compared to the trinity. We see the end of satan and his angels, with those whom have the mark of the beast and those whom are not found in the lambs book of life.

Inept, To Claim The Least
Some musings on the various appearances of the 6, 7, 8 cycle in the OT and NT timelines with regard to the arrival of Christ. Also, how they failed to represent the kingdom of God as well as the beasts of revelation that are distinct. (In that they show satan fighting as if his "kingdom" stood in truth, where in every other attempt it is shown divided.)

The Beast Which Thou Sawest
This page examines the phrase "the beast that thou sawest was, and is not and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit." Whilst not directly referencing the deadly wound given the beast by the exit of Philadelphia's believers from the Laodicean "Church", the phrase speaks that the deadly wound healed is itself a deception and that in its healing there is no truth. The beast is a lie, the wound was real, but the healing a fudge and the beast will go into sin as any other lawlessness will. The real worship given the image by the churches is God's concern and not the baseless lies of satan.

No Other Name Under Heaven
This is it: With the two systems of the trinity and the devils jealousy side by side, to whom would you give your worship? A choice must be made, and there is only one rational choice. Turn to Jesus whilst you may!

The Spirit Within Us Lusteth To Envy
The devices of sin and the first four (and perhaps all) seals on the book of life separate the grace of God to His elect from the lawlessness of the spiritual gentiles that trample the forecourt of the heavenly temple in John's vision. The seals keep out the world, rather than keep within the people of God. It should be clearly seen how a tree is known by it's fruit - as society degrades to godlessness and the church wanes in any real effect we know the seals are opened and the restraint is loosed. The restrainer is then upon the people of God - whom are sealed from the devices (horsemen) having any real effect on their Godly paradigm. Loosen the seals and the elect are tried with greater tribulation.

Two Horns Like A Lamb
This page once again looks at the interval of redemption, showing how Jesus has turned the world upside down. The world does its best to turn it again, but is completely unable to do so when the Lord's elect are not cooperating! The strengths of the false prophet are shown to be "like to like" with the strengths of the gospel.

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