The Madness Of The Dragon

Now we begin to shine more light on the devil's devices so that we may better recognise the depths to which the church and the world has and will sink. (God does not lay upon us any other burden.)

So, we see how the scarlet beast is the amalgum of false doctrine from OT israel. Where are the "Holy Roman Empire" and Imperial Spain in the lion, bear leopard beast of the USA?

In fact they are not present, but are themselves an attack on the gospel. The aftermath of the mystery religions that were thoughout the roman empire morphed themselves into the guise of papal christianity in a fashion that we may simply state as a "name change". The pontif is actually "caesar", with a change of the name on his office. The imperial spanish empire poses a greater problem - but for now we simply look at rough symmetry.

Egypt and Assyria held captive the tribes (and separate nations) of Israel and northern Israel - Samaria proper. (The Lord states "Out of Egypt I called my Son.") Likewise we see in the papist empire the captivity of all christians under bloody retribution by the inquisition, and the Imperial nation of Spain was such as to hold captive the "true and faithful" from the equivalently dubious protestant variant of Christianity - up until the protestant variant found respite after the defeat of the spanish armada against the crown of England.

So we have some equivocation between "Egypt and the Papist empire"'s physical and spiritual slavery and "Assyria and Imperial Spain"'s captivity to be getting on with.

By the brutal nature of slavery and also persecution in being carried off (as in the wrong direction doctrinally in the spiritual sense) both physically and spiritually in OT and NT we begin to see that even satan has made some effort to turn himself "right way up"somehow to counter the cross of Christ.

In truth, we know the dragon has only seven heads and seven crowns in total - Jesus saw him fall as lightning from heaven. The tail did not continue to accumulate past the roman empire of Christ's day - in fact the dragon was forced to recycle his mystery religions into the papacy. Neither did satan have the ability to move his accumulated four devices along one "unit" to cover with his tail the kingdoms from persia to papal rome. He indeed was forced to play a waiting game, knowing that his fourfold dialectic device had just the one shot.

Each antichrist nation was given a "crown" as well as a "bow", but the "iniquitous crown" and full jealousy of satan was not applied until the restrainer was removed.

The restrainer, being the one event that separates the coming of "that wicked that will be revealed" is mysterious in itself. We may align the application of the jealous image to the USA as the dialectic balances of lion, bear and leopard. The image or the ten kings counterfeit Christ also - satan has made the "three into one" device of his NT era jealousy into an image of the triune nature of Christ.

The dragons tail marched through history covering four kingdoms at a time until it was defeated with the cross. The fourth was always a conqueror of the remainder of the previous three - (being a "contradiction" logically and represented by an exchange of powers.) The truth can not be defeated - it merely is.

Likewise in the NT we see that every aspect of the NWO USA beast is in contradiction of the principles for which it fought against; British tyranny, Nazi fascism and Soviet enslavement. In fighting for the antithesis of the synthesis of all three - they have found themselves as that which they fought so hard against. (refusing the synthesis of all three opposing victories is actually contradiction, found answered only in the same original syntheses rejected - they fought the wrong battle as these three could not coexist in the dialectic. - It is only that the people have not put it (the war or "the current emergency") to its true end properly.) With "war on communism", "war on drugs", "war on terror" and endless wars,.. they have proven their NWO unsustainable - it is shocking that it continues at all, were it not for the power given the beast by the dragon it would have collapsed already.

We also see the Mystery Religions that under the image form "the false prophet" are also contradictions. The result is spiritual and the beast goes into perdition. The NT era equivalent of these mystery religions has indeed marched through history, been worshipped secretly in sects etc. Just as the tail marched through the OT kingdoms physically, the tail has also marched through the same full six NT periods or kingdoms so that the liars in the church (the synagogue of satan) once the restrainer is removed should be the "movers and shakers" that have morphed the once free church in the USA into that enslaved to the modern NWO beast. We wrestle not against flesh and blood.

The religion of these mystery cults could be called luciferian or whatever, but the issue is the same; the workers of the "enterprise" or "great work" of the dragon using the dialectic has moved house from Egypt to Rome to the USA and thence worldwide. The route is such that the dogma or intent of the mystery religions has persisted as if it were to have been the tail of the serpent moving through history. (It seems as if satan is faking his own resurrection with his devices).

In either manner of transmission - physical or spiritual, history shows that though satan had picked up his tail in Rome and waited for his seat to start in Britain, he had been as absent and has since recovered himself on a counterfeit "third day" after the Papist and Spanish empires.

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