Inept, To Claim The Least

Looking back in retrospect it is "easy" for us as christians to recognise that the kingdom of God is "not of this world" and that on an individual basis the kingdom of God as a principle is within our grasp, it is "within you". However, without the testimony of Jesus (with the Father's words) satan has bungled his powerplay to steal the world from under God's nose.

The four physical kingdoms of Babylon to Rome show the dragon's tail with satan poised ready to devour the Christ's new kingdom - in fact satan had the nerve to claim that all the kingdoms of the world were given to him to gift to whosoever he would - a clear lie to Jesus. The expectation of a physical kingdom of God was the expectation of not just the Jews, but satan also, as Christianity was to be countered by political power, not by a paradigm shift from the lack of restraint upon God's own people. The early church, no matter how we view them were under great restraint in the Holy Spirit and we, more numerous in our day are under no less expectation though we are separated out upon our love of the truth that they once found so easily.

That restraint was a great gift against the counterfeit gospels of the day, the mysteries and saviour-cults of the past that required expensive ritual and promised only partial protection against superstitions with much "magic": The Christian faith was indeed new and effective in that it brought peace, and contact with God through the Holy Spirit was as real as it could be.

Satan not only realised quickly that he had made a huge mistake, he tried to accumulate the holy roman empire into the kingdom of God, although despite vast numbers the kingdom of Christ's mediation was unaffected, being not "carried away of the flood" from the dragon's mouth.

Satan had tried this before: In attempting to form a counterfeit "messiah" in the OT timeline satan had used the kingdoms of (the sixth) seleucid greece, the maccabees (as the seventh or savour) and the herodian dynasty as the "eighth" which is of the seven, in a clear attempt to institute antichrist early - to supplant Christ before His arrival with a false messiah and leave his potential flock "lukewarm". This could explain whilst maccabees is a good historical record yet not scriptural canon for many: God is able to preserve His words and we know that God does not share his glory - the saviour was not the maccabees.

Satans attempt to strangle the kingdom of God with the Holy Roman Empire was in deadlock: it could not outweigh the virtue found in the Christ of the scriptures, despite nearly all of the "church" being illiterate and without scripture. The church preserved the very texts that satan would have had them destroy, God preserved His words.

The new testament timeline also has it's eight kingdoms; starting from Christ, to Holy Roman empire to Spain, England, Russia, Germany the USA and finally the very last (scarlet) beast, the amalgam found in revelation and Daniel's fourth beast with its little horn.

However, the combination of all of these attempts still fall foul of the dialectic device with which satan has tried to duplicate his jealous image of Christ. - In that the structure will only allow three logical dialectics and one "carnal balance" or heart. Thus, the maximum is six logical dialetics with one carnal dialectic "balance" - the synthesis of new and old between both or in the centre.

The result? that the NT era timeline kingdoms should collapse to one (the USA) to form the "Death" or pale horse device that was not acheived in the OT timeline, but then once was the place of "Hell" or the heart. The "heart" device would marry the pale horse to the previous OT kingdoms that were survived by OT Israel, so that it and not the kingdom of God is present as the seventh: rather the synthesis of new and old becomes the "scarlet" eighth, or image (woman) riding the beast. In view is a form of "quasi jewish-christian cult".

It would appear from history that satan has bungled the job at least three times, with the quartet ending with Rome, the heptad ending with the maccabees, and the eighth with the Holy Roman empire last, as well as the modern eight built upon the kingdom of God. It appears Christ has had to reveal in His revelation the way that satan should turn against Him: satans other attempts being inconsistent, and as James Lloyd is so fond of pointing out, "satans kingdom is divided" - but not in appearance if the three onto one device to the USA is employed. (satan then falls for being without 12 elements of S5 whilst the world wonders after the beast) Then, satan attempted to race the restrainer and at least has an excuse for not being good sport for God.

Satan has failed to devour the Christ, and will certainly fail against the least in the kingdom of God. Whether he as "the least" is contemporary with Christ and minded towards a kingdom as would have been fought for by the maccabees, or fighting for a saviour cult against the world's greatest superpower, or an illiterate serf under the aegis of the pontif; or even simply dispirited with all this talk of religion, as none of it agrees together anyway in todays lukewarm church, the least in the kingdom is just that - in the kingdom and satan has lost already. It has never been a numbers game, but a game of truth, Christ stated to His Father in prayer "I have not lost one of all whom you gave me but the son of perdition so that the scriptures would be fulfilled". which shows the gospel true, rather than effectively "immune" to evil.

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