No Other Name Under Heaven

So, with the "false prophet's" mountains (churches) of false doctrine to satans right, and the physical USA beast and NWO to his left, (as created by the workers of the synagogue of satan from the mystery religions) we may begin to find that jealous nerve that dreamt this insane quest to be like the most high.

Jesus Christ is as a static subgroup of GF(8)+ in correspondence with the unity element; in this manner we see that the four kingdoms preceding the cross are covered by the tail of the dragon as the head has conquered its way as from after Babylon and unto Rome. This is in complete mimickry of Jesus Christ, as three elements upon a fourth of the seven. From its march it finds itself in three variants of successive "exchanges of power", after the fashion of the three automorphisms of the ultrafilter within the octal, that cycles the static subgroup in a group isomorphic to C3.

Satan just does not manage to travel back to "rest" where he began in this system, perhaps he had hoped to persist longer?

Likewise the marching across these six OT era kingdoms by the tail of the dragon is in mimickry of the Holy Spirit as C7 in GF(8). In its three positions of fullness, he mimics the life in the GF(4) ultrafilter induced by the union of the Holy Spirit with Christ under the frobenius map - doing so with his counterfeit mysteries.

In the NT era we have the devices of satan in the image of the ten kings as well as the beast of the NWO.

Satan mimics the "two parts cut off" in the octal ultrafilter by restricting himself to one empire - the USA. In making it after his own devices we see that he mimicks God as to be like the most high (as Christ) just as if he were a lamb slain before the throne, having been "absent" until the removal of restraint.

The setting up of the image is such that the church became the false prophet using the same devices in the guise of church growth - the mark of the beast, rather than "just weights and measures" found in the kingdom of God. The synagogue of satan leavens the church in a system of 666 as "Hell" following after the "Death" that is in the role of facilitator - now the position of the beast, or its image. This role is in the same office in mimicry of Christ.

Likewise the spiritual and physical right and left hands of satan in the six kingdoms of the OT and NT in parallel are in mimicry of the Father as left/right paired octals under a valid association of seven cycle elements to static subgroups.

The Holy Spirit is replaced by the accumulated false doctrines of the OT that were used against Israel, or preserved by the synagogue of satan in the mystery religions - the dialectic devices. (The scarlet beast on which the false prophet or woman rides mimics the Holy Spirit.)

In mimicking Christ before and after the cross satan is in effect laying claim to be the "Alpha and Omega". He has reinvented his devices so that he would make God's human creation into his own image of jealousy, to supplant God in the world. He has invented his jealousy in a manner so as to hold captive as many souls as would use the same devices - they are deceived as the deceivers in the synagogue of satan are deceived - that they are doing the will of God - they do only the will of their father, the devil.

The true villains are the locust and serpent spirits and these are not "men and women" although they have true effect upon them, even using them. Those that revel in their application of the dragon's devices are in effect giving the dragon worship. God is from everlasting to everlasting, and not as the dragon's short and temporary mimicry about each side of the cross of Christ - the short term view of those deceived without eyes that can see further is just shocking when you consider that the devil's devices are limited to those methods in the trumpets to force fulfilment of the first four seals, whence satan himself flees from God's gaze riding on those horses.

The flesh and eyes see satan turn himself upside down to mimic God, whereas God turned the world right side up with Himself unmoved and unchanged at the victory of Christ.

The locusts that attempt to build a group S6 with a factored down subgroup of S5 to A5 (by order two elements supplied not by the serpents, but by the spirit of God - taken in blasphemy using the mark of the beast.) on the mountains of the false prophet (its doctrine) to leaven the church finds its own failure in the first four churches forming part of a particular S4 subgroup. Those that hear the true Holy Spirit find the holes in the image system and may freely exit. The system of satan's devices are not complete - they require the image to heal the deadly wound on the beast and they are yet still left with this hole of twelve elements of S4. Those that worship the beast and its image are outside of this S4 subgroup and are of the synagogue of satan whether they realise it or not.

The hole that "requires" filling will be filled eventually at the judgement of the Church (false prophet) - there will no longer be any within that hear the Holy Spirit - and the symmetries of the Holy Spirit that satan covets to complete that particular S4 subgroup will be filled in by God with those S4 elements without the underlying elements of His ultrafilter - this is truly the lake of fire or the second death: there will be no open door out.

So, since the 666 system is actually the empty set, given the rock hard and stable symmetry of the true ultrafilters of the trinity, as compared against the shaky ground, incomplete and duct-tape plastered system full of holes and faulty devices (found by simply refusing to keep God's name Holy.) would you rather stick with the intent of satans' design for "human indecision" despite its inability to be created at all - except as made resigned to itself in punishment by His omnipotent enemy, (in the torment of the fiery lake of burning sulphur) or would you rather forever taste the rest and stability of a mind without stress or worry or pain, showing you great comfort forever?

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