The Spirit Within Us Lusteth To Envy

The model of redemption on this site, that the righteousness of Christ excuses any temporary fault until it is redeemed is in complete opposition to the lust of the eyes, flesh and the pride of life in the model on this same site.

The lust of the eyes, the initial element of S6 from the mind and senses paired with A5 as the lust of the flesh, factoring down and then the conjugation of gHg-1 made complete with the inverse of the lust of the eyes (the pride of life) that follows after is in complete opposition to the redemption of Christ covering the interval t2-t1. The lust of the eyes is coincident at t1 and the pride of life at t2. In order to overcome the world it must be such that these be overcome.

Whilst a churchgoer I never found it satisfactory that "crucifying the sins of the flesh" or "crucify the flesh with the lusts thereof" was given a satisfactory explanation. What possible crucifixion could it be talking of? For it never seemed right to me that I should "nail my sin to the cross of Christ" or for me to somehow crucify something with which I found myself inseparable.

There must simply be the explanation that redemption should fill the interval rather than sin, and the lusts of the flesh. We only have the knowledge of Christ's blameless sacrifice and the sure word of the Holy Ghost that to be lawful is possible for all to work with. As Christ was crucified to show Himself blameless, as He laid down His life as an example to His chosen elect, if we wish to be elect we must likewise put away sin in "our mortal bodies" as the scripture teaches. Effectively, obedience to Christ effectively makes sin impossible - that in being made as obedient, to be crucifying the flesh is to recover liberty without the lust of the flesh and find ourselves as fully S6 instead of a system of 660 with six dialectical constructs for logic.

That t1 is incident with the lust of the eyes, and t2 with the pride of life, redemption is clearly not just over the lust of the flesh - but covers our whole lives redeemed, not just our sins. A believer forgiven then in Christ is a new creature and "born again". There is no literal need to be re-interred in the womb or for a person to literally crucify or scarify themselves before God for forgiveness, though the Lord does love repentant sinners.

Likewise, I would expect the system of the two beasts and the image in revelation to follow the same envious lust to undo the salvation of the gospel upon those whom would call themselves His people.

Revelation states that the second beast from the earth causes the whole world to worship the first beast. The image that the false prophet constructs is the system within which the Church operates in analogy to the mind and it's senses. The results of the ten kings that form the image is so that the church follows after the image that the false prophet set up with them, and the beast which the woman rides is the image formed of the Chuches, not the first beast from the sea (They have a different appearance for starters.)

With the image as the pride of life, the lust of the flesh clearly the woman within, and the false prophet the leavening spirit in the image system, (of the laodicean Church with the synagogue of satan.) There are only two possibilities for the "lust of the eyes". It must either be the dragon or first beast from the sea.

I state that it is not the Lord who will look down with envy at those whom worship the dragon and his devices. God is a jealous God for the sake of His people, and not of those that are already cut off in sin, for God said, "I chose you", and Jesus' stated prophetically that He lost no one of all that God gave Him.

It is satans effort to make his analogue of t2 - t1 as short an instant as possible. When God cuts off a church He no longer indwells it as He would a collection of His people. Yet this does not make t2=t1 for that fellowship as there is always the door open for those inside to leave. The system since it is carnal is not instant, being required to process the leavening influence of the dragon, and is become a mere "piece of paper" in its articles of incorporation to be overcome rather than a house full of demons surrounding the elect within. Such a fellowship is as unclean as the beast that grants it it's charter: In this manner the beast is "rode" by the woman as the church ever approaches its prideful display shown in revelation.

Far from holiness, the end of the church as the people of God is declared in the scripture - I, at least am satisfied that if this worship was the only worship on earth, then God will return His wrath swiftly and return bodily soon after.

The image to the beast as its "opposite" or "inverse" is constructed with the devices used by the false prophet from the first four seals (He speaks as a dragon.) The beast from the sea has an analogue in choosing for its "earthlike" elements from possible octals in "the sea" of thirty. As t2 is closed upon by the image, making t2-t1 ever shorter, then the beast from the sea becomes in no way able to arrive at the same devices using dialectic logic. (It is insensible to state a field is actually the empty set in the construction if all octals in the sea are isomorphic (the sea of glass).)

God may leave the churches, but the Church and image system only gets at further ease without God's intervening wrath, the image will cause the Church to be stripped of her finery and eventually burned. (She will be taxed as well as "put out of business" in the sense of any religion in a secular world.)

We then have an ideal explanation for the restrainer or the one written of in, "He that letteth will let until he be taken out of the way." As Jesus opens the seals one by one, the restraint upon the paradigm of God's elect shifts further into the dialectic. With the opening of the first seal we see the dragon has begun to instantiate gradually the dialectics of the four seals in the earth to tempt away the believers from the ideal paradigm that is within the book rather than sealed outside it!

The four kingdoms of Britain, Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany to the USA are the effect of satan gently boiling the frog in the pot so that it will not leap out of the hot water. As the seals are opened and the leavening influence of the false prophet increases within the church, the beast from the sea constructed of these kingdoms edges closer into the position of legislator over the freedom of God's people to assemble together.

God's own elect meanwhile are subject to less restraint and enter in to the kingdom of heaven on the basis that they actively seek the truth rather than to be handed it in great ease. As the numbers in the church grow the elect shine just as brightly as ever, but the criteria for selection is a greater love for the gospel. When the system of 666 (the false prophet and the spirit of antichrist) stands completely in the Church (with no other) then there is no redemption covering t2-t1 as an interval. Yet, that interval is scripturally with the individual and not on the collective caught between the image and the beast itself.

The easing of the Lord's restraint then permits the woman as formed between the beast and it's image. One could ask what was the case before Britain separated from Roman Catholicism: In truth, the elect then were very few in number but had no delusion that they could attain their freedom to worship from the laws written by their rulers. They were directly before God in Jesus Christ, with no bishop or substitute in between.

It makes better sense then to state that the dialectic paradigm has always been in effect over the spiritual gentiles - those not the true body of Christ. The early church exploded in popularity because of the great virtue shown by those whom were in Christ. In this age we are surrounded by so many witnesses but too few with the light of Christ in them. Numbers, are the enemy of God, hiding the elect - the wood can not be seen for the trees.

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