Two Horns Like A Lamb

Elsewhere in this site I likened the comparison of the false prophet's two horns (strengths) with those of Christ as in the following diagrams.

Now, We can align the strength of redemption in Christ, to the two ends of the interval between a fault and it's redemption (at t1 and t2 respectively) to the ultimate standard of Christ that is accepted for our place before God, (as well as crediting us the righteousness of Christ). Then, the standard of Christ fills the interval for all those that likewise exceed the standards of the scribe and pharisees (and then some) - that is, the interval t2-t1 is a "strait enough" gate, or that repentance is swift enough to return the sinner to the righteousness they have in Christ.

Likewise, the flip side of the coin is that the damnation of the woman riding the beast fills the interval between the uptake of the image and the doctrine leavening the church. The top diagram is a little "off base", the following may make this clearer.

The false prophet exercises the freedom granted it by the first beast (the NWO or USA) so that the image to the beast may be constructed. It becomes the method by which the false doctrine in the church is distributed, Whilst Israel is not part of the image, the image is such that the leavening influence is the synagogue of satan inside the church (riding that false doctrine gained of physical Israel), which is certainly not physical Israel which is separate from the image (Just as true spiritual Israel is separate from the laodicean Church as in philadelphia - yet physical Israel is not saved in Jesus Christ, nor by any other name.)

The scarlet beast (the eighth is of the seven) is the doctrinal destination of the Church when the synagogue of satan has leavened all the refining churches completely. The gap between the government approved freedom exercised to leaven the church (as before the first beast) and the image thereafter (which the whole world follows) is filled with the Church falling away in the middle: It has become such that Christ is not present in the Church - and the Church as the woman, has her "interval" is so wide that it can not be redeemed to Jesus' satisfaction.

In fact the Lord does not dwell in temples made with hands, we know that the woman riding the beast is a mystery, as to what is the definition of "church" other than that recognised by all government - from Babylon the great to the USA, churches exist only as they are recognised by the state. (As if they were the religion of Astarte or Mary or even another Jesus, it has all become the same.) Those Churches that have such a wide interval are those under the "image with life" or (660 + 6) as elsewhere. They are those that are "tares". (The church is heading for 100% unity at expense of 100% of the gospel.) The desires of men for the kingdom of God to be patterned after their own inventions will guarantee that tares are gathered into bundles to be burned. The elect have heard the Lord's voice and have "come out of her".

The horns like a lamb on the false prophet are then the authority of the first beast that the false prophet exercises on his own behalf, (Facilitated in the form of the ten kings in the image) and the equivalent of the "pride of life" that the Church and image boasts is an acceptable standard to God - the righteousness of the scribes and pharisees but in this modern parallel.

It may seem strange that the first beast becomes the moment "t1" and that physical Israel is at t2, and not the scarlet beast as t1 and the lake of fire as t2 (properly placed at infinity) as this certainly the case! The image being the moment that the mark is accepted into a fellowship by those that bear it from elsewhere (which is the "second death" that the corporation may not repent of. In fact I have only ever heard of one church unincorporating itself.)

The result is that the number of the beast is exercised both by the beast from the earth (in antichrist triples as the facilitator in the ten kings) as well those that agree carnally as members in the Laodicean Church under the image (as six hundred, threescore and six) . The number is given those that accept the system into the "church", (however it is defined by the state) and the name (regulatory authority) of the first beast is extended over that fellowship, and the leavening system once in place results in the scarlet beast at the end.

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