In this section I hope to show that the Klein four group of {0, Christ, Holy Spirit, Father} is not just possible structurally but makes perfect sense. Up until now there has not been a defined operation on this group,.. Indeed as I write this I am unsure of what the Lord will reveal of Himself, but in that I am moved to write I hope that the Lord will shine some light upon this subject: it being most crucial.

Right And Left Hand Invariance
We show here that the structure of the left and right hands has indeed some invariance under addition and multiplication in GF(8).

Left And Right Hands As Vectors
Writing the left and right hands as vectors raises the possibility of a scalar product. We can "define" the members of the K4 group as resulting from such: however we are somewhat without operations to fill the definition of the K4 group as yet.

Scriptural Comparison
I place a couple of the more obvious passages from the NT to back up this model of the "vectors" that make up the judgement of Christ: Those found within GF(4)* in the sabbath rest of Christ, as separated by those two parts cut off in the left and right octals

Remaining Calculations
Now we see a brief look at the other operations in K4, we have RH+LH = K4 but what of K4+LH = RH?

Walking Amongst The Candlesticks
I take a further look at the vectors for the K4 form of the ultrafilter, the structure is again, invariant under multiplication as well as (surprisingly) addition, and we begin to approach the result I had hoped for, I find some joy in the remaining condition for the structure, that of the static subgroup being required to be "unity".

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