A Child Called Alice

We will see how there are 144 reversals of the Octal under seven cycles that are "sealed apart" from the extension to Anselms argument. I reasoned that these spirits are apart from the left hand approach to God and are also part of the ultrafilter in the right handed part: For this - see the section "Wise Virgins". The book of revelation clearly states that The lamb before the throne has to open the seven seals one by one, but Only the Father knows the time of His coming. There is a rainbow about the throne in the vision, Which is the throne of the judgement seat; and seven angels in the book also. It is not without precedent to concede that If one would wish to raise the dead, the book of life must be opened. Therefore there is a simple prayer that can assure one of giving God and Jesus Christ the glory of raising the dead: simply because the Father knows whose names are in the book He holds at his throne.

We pray as follows.

When we pray for someone to be raised from the dead that has died unjustly - (for instance a child name Alice, as if "fallen down", then in wonderland.) If we ourselves were to be blamed as spiritual wretches, as ambassadors for Christ Himself; as He would have been diminished for His friend Lazarus had he not raised Him: (for Christ is spotless), and in the death of one promised to be visited by Christ, stolen by the world from Christ's presence by the world or satan, there then is life waiting in Christ that can be accounted for.

We pray earnestly for the dead to be raised, and beseech God for the child Alice to be raised, because it is unacceptable before us and others. We are unsure, and the idea that if satan has stolen a life and will not accept the dead being raised occurs (for he will seek to resist resurrection), we pray to God for seraphim to guard the child continually. By "seraphim", I mean the angels that guard the throne of God, symbolised there in the book of Revelation by the rainbow, which refracts His glory. The lamb before the throne is our access to the Father, and He is well acquanted with our sorrow.

Praying to God for Alice to be resurrected is too hard for us, and we are told in ourselves, "Not answered." We pray to God for the innocent, and pray hard for the child to be with God, as innocent and alive forever; found, not lost. We can be confident, since the life is saved from the world's evil, that God is not hard, and straws and reaps from whence He has not sown, and that our prayer is answerable. If we have but faith; We know our prayer is answered. We are given the knowledge "Answered".

Continuing in this line, We acknowledge, not that the book of life is open, but that the life of the lamb of God is Father-God breathed into the child, and That Child "Alice" is alive for ever more. The Father knows ALL TOO WELL who is in His book of life. Not for glory, not for pain and not for myself and my own reputation I think of the loss to the world of that life, and knowing that that life in Him for Alice is eternally given, and that the life from the throne is such that God himself would leap out of His throne to give life to an innocent in Heaven forever, I ask God, If she is alive, and you can protect her, then Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven; and the Child should live here amongst us; but I cannot ask, for the book is sealed. But since God's greater glory and spotlessness of His lamb Jesus Christ is in question in the eyes of grieven prayer we can humble ourselves as imperfect; and Greater is the glory of God whose Kingdom is Here than of one who is gone out of the world. (That is to say, Christ.)

For truly Christ is with us to the end, and His Kingdom IS here.

God Will leave His throne, and the book will be eventually opened, and those seraphim will guard; and Only the life of Christ given as a free gift in place of ours, and Alice's own could do this. Ignoring our doubt, and the lies we feel in our hearts, we know that the Glory of God is in His life, and in faith we extend by perfection into Earth from Heaven. The graves open, the dead are raised: the blind see, the lame walk, and Only God may ever have the glory.

For If His Kingdom be here, then there is no loss to the world if Alice is raised. Greater is the glory of a living God than of a footnote in history. God will guarantee that life; and is able to keep it - for Alice will be in the book if she was in the book, and satan does not steal God's property, and God would not that the world should think it.

Then given Alice, an innocent, if she is not in the book of life she should be returned to also have part in the first resurrection - and is she is not immediately raised then clearly, God's grace is sufficient for her - and we are comforted knowing she is herself comforted.


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