The Certainty Of An Open Door And His Coming

Though I rise from the dead and am protected by the mightiest of angels and dwell in the presence of the Lord in His Holy Spirit and see Him not; I have faith He loves me, being His son.

I love Him with all my heart, mind and strength but see Him not - I dwell in fear for my loved ones and am pressed on all sides by darkness and its works. Though the Lord love me and I save a soul every day with His gospel I have no joy for being raised from the dead numerous times.

My Father dwells in His court and exercises mighty judgement. I can not act outside of His will for the very earth swallows up my prayer. The Lord will open the grave to save one as I, but I do not see any of His throne though I be alive.

My Father loves me and there must be access; for if there were but a door I would gladly run through it to Him - but I perceive no door. My Father loves me and it is Greater that I have a Father that would see me often than not at all. Yet I perceive no door. There must be a door in Life whilst my Father lives; for there is no life in me apart from Him.

I find then, that my Father's love for me is in the truth of the beauty of this creation; but am I also not created? Am I not also fearfully and wonderfully made?

I see nothing but beauty and life in all that is clearly manifested about me in His will. In Him I live, move and have my being, and all that is is made so that I may love Him as He loves me.

Then I am His son, and He my Father but I see no door. Then, I reason that because I see Him not, He must love the absence of me from Him more; because I perceive no door. This is evident contradiction that is equivalent to He loving the absence of the door more than He loves me.

This cannot stand in His court. I still perceive no door. It is beyond my perception and my vain understanding.

Were I not to have faith and could not seek and find my Father, no such door would entail that God is not a perfect Father. That would also entail no one could ever find Him.

An open door is a far better thing and though I be poor, pitiful, blind, naked and wretched; my understanding is critically dead: for I can not love that that does not wish me to see Him, for He loves me, though I can never love that other.

There therefore is a door but if its absence is loved more than I, I have no Father. But I do have a Father. Therefore as I can not understand, my Father will come in to dine, sup and drink with me though the Heavens depart as a scroll, and the Earth and all former things pass away.

Greater is He whose Kingdom is in the world than one who is gone out of the world. (That is to say again, Christ)

God can never leave or be as dead for long. Therefore I will be with Him soon; as others come to understanding; yet will not I, for God is the mover through the door and I pass into His presence, for being raised to life is nothing to one He will not accept.

Either my Father loves me and will find me soon to bring me through His door, or my Father could not love the least of His children.

Am I a fool, a non-child? or is God's perfection satisfied?

I repent, I would rather every other son and daughter of His be saved and I struck out than force His will.

My God is divine; and I a wretch. Yet I love my Father.

Father God; come for your Sons and Daughters.

Amen, come Lord Jesus.

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