None Other Name Under Heaven Given Among Men

Why does God appear inactive? Why do things seems to blend the days together and the power of God appears to have drained out of the churches still expecting revival? Where is the might of God? Why do thousands upon thousands expect His wrath, wishing for pipedreams like rapture to save them? These questions should confront any person trawling the net for truth from christian sites. I can assure any one reading this that there is a most personal relationship with God; and I have never seen Him inside a church.

I was given two tall tales by my past church's minister as to why it was better to be a member of a church: as follows. Firstly, he spun a yarn about how a man had left the church and the minister visited him, taking a coal out of his hearth, both of them watching it cool and blacken, before returning it to the hearth where it grew rosy again. I ask, "Lord, why would you want me burned when I return to a church?" Secondly a yarn of a bunch of sticks harder to break together than on their own. I ask, "Lord, why would you wish me to be broken and not reconciled?" Safety in numbers has never been the Christian way, rather put trust in God who alone is good.

There are too many who trust their pastor to be "educated" for them, I can not remember one sermon from my years wasted in church, as precisely as I can delight in the merest understanding the Lord has granted me to know. Doesn't that say it all? I look back at the twisted ideas and groupthink-philosophy rendered false gospel of the church I attended and can only come up with one truth. They are a bunch of liars, leading those asleep in the pews to their deaths, because they haven't experienced God in the church. He is not coming back to you folks, He is coming back to His own. Then I asked myself; if these are asleep and others within are as asleep as I was, why doesn't the Lord strike these churches and burn them? There is one answer: His mercy.

We can ponder why the Lord is allowing His people to slowly awake from their slumber in any church, other faith or institution as follows. I am sure that under an induction there is either an argument that is valid or not. Upon considering wrath due to men who murder the Lord's children whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life (by keeping them from Him) there is one answer to why the wrath of God has not arrived as yet upon the heads of false teachers. Again, His Mercy.

If any one man had such authority over another and deliberately would not let the captive soul learn of God, he is either under authority of another or is at the top of the chain. If that man were to blame, then consider the induction of all the following. If God were to strike that man's life out and curse him, then there would be others in the chain lower than that particular one that would take his place. Now, consider the Lord's chosen at the top of their personal chain, all others above being struck out or as freeing their captives. If that chosen one were not to hear the voice of others, but the Lord's only, they would not resist the call to free those under them - or save themselves by leaving the chain of which they are head altogether. If they would not listen to God and watch, would not the wrath of God fall on them as well as they are as guilty as the former(s), not just for the expense of life they have cost?

Then we can ask ourselves what would happen. If the Lord has called His own out from among the churches, they will obey God rather than men and come out. It will not be easy because those voices above in the chain are most discouraging. Is it mercy therefore that once a head should be removed, (or for instance the pope resign) and the next, and the next and so on? Why yes! It is, for the institution is corrupted, rather than the elect's faith in God - I would leap at the chance to escape! Were all false heads to step out of the way, we could then consider the individual to always be at the top of the chain. So, a sign of fallibility such as the pope resigning is not to be missed: for God calls out His elect with divine authority rather than strike out the lives over an individual when He is saving them with surety anyway. His sheep know His voice, and none other - though we mustn't judge as to when they must learn of it.

This leaves the individual prepared to seek God on God's terms, it is a closer chain: (individual to Jesus to Father). As it should be. The first voice any one should hear on the matter of God is God's own, and His is the last voice they should hear also.

So, why the discussion for such a simple cancellation of induction with mercy? The Father knows who will hear Him, and who will not. Killing or destroying all those who are lying to the elect with a different gospel and endangering their eternal lives is not putting just the elect in danger of the devices of their fellows: for this is not to be considered. Rather it puts them directly in line for the wrath before they come out: and as Christians we know we are not appointed to wrath but to inherit the kingdom under Jesus Christ. It is very hard to make the decision to go it alone, no guidance is present further up any conceived chain within the church: for 'they' are totally invested in the business of it.

Mercy upon the whole is mercy upon the Lord's own - and on an individual basis, God would indeed spare Sodom for ten righteous men's sake. He would also most certainly again harden the heart of pharaoh - so that the instrument appointed to wrath, (as pharaoh's own heart) would be shown to be against the Lord's mercy. We are not to pray wrath down upon tares because we would uproot wheat with them; but Christ is sent but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. When the Lord has gathered His own - then the captors will burn.

The revelation of Jesus Christ informs us that God seals His servants, who have not soiled themselves with the Church of "Mystery Babylon". The woman is a picture of all systems that place themselves as god between the believer and God Himself. "I sit as queen and am no widow" or "Will not suffer the loss of children" sum up the heart of this woman - the image. God commands "come out of her my people". When the saints have left the corrupt institutions and are sealed, the woman will be "burned". There is no chain to hold back the Lord's wrath from the elect within her. The Lord's mercy will certainly give way to His wrath for the destroying of His people - now with only a remnant separate. God earnestly desires all to come to Him: even though His book may not be sparing some names, it does not affect the cruelty of the woman's spiritual domain, the spiritual captivity in (Mystery) Babylon.

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