The Comforter - Open Doors

The lack of God's physical presence, within either the person of Jesus Christ or His Father is a problem for considering God perfected as a Father to all. The second coming it would appear, can not arrive soon enough; but it has not happened yet! The proposition that there is a purposeful lack of a "door into heaven" that appears to be temporarily loved more in its lack than we are ourselves as children leads us to admit the soon return of Jesus Christ.

However, as I am so fond of saying, God may be considered more perfect if He is here physically, as our Father and Lord. The answer? We are sent the comforter, who is the Holy Spirit. Moreover, being spirit Himself, He is actually here "physically"!

Of course, having the Son and the Holy Spirit with us together at the second coming is far greater still, but we have access to the Father through the name of Jesus Christ also even now. We should consider when we have the Holy Spirit that we are actually physically in His presence, and that should be an incentive to follow the example of Christ.

Whilst it is one thing to be refined with suffering and good works (as gold in the fire) in Christ, it is another to believe on Him for the eternal life He laid down for us to give us access to the Father, (and our daily bread - His eternal life in us) to clothe us with His righteousness (white raiment). However, as the letter in revelation says so well... we must anoint our eyes with eye salve also. As physical as this world is, we actually have the physical presence of God with us, every bit as much as in the Fathers physical presence. This world, and all that is in it is only here because He has made it... If we wish to have prayers answered, we must be prepared to befriend God, be reconciled to Him and be determined to emulate Christ.

If this universe exists because God created it, and we are in His physical presence - we must admit the power that God has and that our prayers for ourselves are for the most part, dross. We can consider 2000 years of church history has supplied most every prayer for the faithful already - we should rather delight that our Father and Lord is with us already and be more confident, but the argument doesnt stop there!

God's own physical presence is superior through Christ and the Holy Spirit together than as one on their own, is it not? Our ears are often a little full of fluff although we have our Bibles open in front of us... It can take years for us to realise we have great stumbling blocks in our paths. On the last day when Father descends with the raised dead in Christ after the millenial reign of Christ, We shall truly be a people with God in all His fullness with us, but we may ask all the more confidently that the goodness and perfection of God is fully extended even now through our access to the Father through the faith of Jesus Christ.

The essence of the model of the Holy Trinity is that somehow each member of the trinity is a container for the remaining two... Therefore we have direct access to the Holy Trinity through the Holy Spirit (who in physical appearance appears to be regressing a level ahead). Even this world and everything in it is withing the Father's mind and is made for His Son Jesus Christ; therefore if we admit the presence of the Holy Spirit we admit the unthinkable - even this physical universe is, actually a spiritual construct in the mind of God. In order to preserve the liberty due God in His creation, we have to accept the phrase that every statement to the satisfaction of perfection becomes a necessary truth.

By this, we have to admit that the creation was created for God, not for us: since we can not change it's structure on a level with the fundamental laws of physics, neither may we accept that God will do so for our benefit. We can admit however that things of a spiritual nature are easily made war against, and that physical mainfestations to answered prayer are prepared from the beginning - even on a miraculous level.

We as spiritual creatures with knowledge of the gospel then admit the fact that all life, is only in existence because it is breathed in by God. When God sent His Son, he laid down that life for His fallen creations to continue a space, and that free gift is to all. Whilst there are some that don't accept God as real, after they must die they will face judgement and the second death. If God had to die to show us an example of obedience to those in darkness, should not we as servants be onbedient to death also?

When we realise that the eternal life given us by Jesus Christ's magnificent victory on the cross has brought us into the physical presence of all three members of the Godhead, and that our life has been replaced by His, we are born again. He will return; but for now there is NO disadvantage other than our physical frailty and our physical and spiritual adversaries. But, being in the direct presence of God, our eyes are open. Jesus counsels us to buy from Him gold refined in the fire (character and good works) white raiment to wear, so the shame of our nakedness before Him is not revealed (clothed with the erternal life from faith upon Christ, His righteousness - whilst fully believing in God's sovereignty without holding any of our own towards Him) and to anoint our eyes with eye salve. That is, to realise we are not protected by the physical structures of this world from our adversaries: we are at spiritual war, and God Himself is fighting for us. If we had not noticed, Is He winning?

Therefore there are two open doors, One through death to access the Father's presence for the last day, and one through which Christ will soon return. It makes perfect sense therefore to admit a third, through which the Holy Spirit has moved towards us already! And in so doing, we must admit our behaviour must match Jesus' as much as it would before the Father Himself! Whilst we should greatly fear God; we should equally rejoice, for those that sin before God against us should also fear greatly. We remain obedient to death, and we take great comfort in the Father's forgiveness.

So, I am very much thankful to my Father for His company, (I have long given up trying to pray as anyone other than my normal self). I am glad for the open door - I am still more glad for the other two also - is it possible to have all three all at once? Yes, in heaven right now; and after the last day when everything is made new. Therefore: we should be happy that this universe is a spiritual creation, that physical creation is illusory, and we have all three already!

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