I wanted to in some sense further justify the use of the group S5 and its only proper normal subgroup A5 used in numbering the beast, as well as the system of the ten kings with the false prophet. I will advance in small stages, hopefully proceeding in as natural a manner as possible.

Whilst I consider that these pages form the basis of the method the serpent used to beguile Eve in the garden, I actually think there is more benefit in studying these things as a christian. In order that we may then recognise when we are being tempted and learn not to fall into the same trap of the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life - the nature of the animalistic man that is numbered by six hundred, threescore, and six.

Simple Transposition
This is a page describing the nature of temptation as a simple transposition of the senses. It is by no means proof, but I trust that when you consider that logic is being subverted at the same time as the transposition is being "sensually fulfilled" you will realise what is occurring when there is a difference between the first stage of five groups of S5 with 120 elements, as opposed to one set of 60 elements when the logic is subverted.

Factoring To A5
This page tries to describe the properties of A5 in a setting of the senses. The logical consequences of being forced to solve a problem when the problem itself is harmful is used as an analogy for sinful disobedience, when we may coincide the difference between permutations of senses and such permutations involving logic.

The Final Six
The final six elements of 666 must include logic, but once the door to sin is opened, where is the place of logic except to continue the cycle of 666? We can consider the effort of problem solving put into sin and everything that entails a desire to commit a single sin. The truth is, a little leaven leavens the whole loaf.

The Pride Of Life
The final six elements in the construction appear to be of a completely different sort. In fact they are, as we have added an element (logic) into our elements to bridge a disconnection between one sense and its fulfilment in another. The bible teaches that there are three stages to temptation. The lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. By looking at the beast system, or more appropriately the laodicean Church we can clearly see what this means.

The Ten Kings
We can apply the 666 system to expound upon the ten kings mystery in revelation more fully. It is indeed complicated, as there are three beast-like systems to consider, all of them authored by the dragon satan. The beast ridden by the woman, the ten kings transmuted to pale horse status, as well as the dialectic process at work in every individual as well, including satan himself. Clearly he has been very busy while the church has been asleep for the last 2000 years.

The Image To The Beast
Some supplementary explanation to flesh out a few details. There is nothing here you may not figure out for youself, but there is much to be learned by recognising the patterns involved at work in the world.

The Consequences Of The Image
We apply the information in the first four seals of revelation to the mystery of the ten kings and the image to the beast set up by the false prophet. The scripture unlocks quite neatly when one realises that the verses are there in plain language waiting to be unlocked for you to understand.

The Seventh Angel Sounds
The ten kings are the agency by which the pre and post multiplication of the five churches (A5 groups) by elements of S5 occurs. In each such leavening there is the three into one of the image of three kings (the device of satan). It truly has power to speak since every doctrinal belief of the church must be "legal" and obey the beast. The background of physical Israel's backsliding history, doctrinally present in the separate agency of the "synagogue of satan" leavening the churches through the device of the image allows the churches to mimic the pride of life in a sinful man as well as to feel they have anchored themselves carnally into approval by God - using the synagogue of satan as "leaven in the meal".

The Restrainer
The creation of the state of Israel opens up the possbility of a huge influx of false doctrine. Its is this false doctrine that is the content of the letters to the seven churches,.. not a physical location or denomination at all.

Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again?
I have struggled to find a specific answer for the elements of the final "6" in 666. It is simply enough to state that the final state of the man after being enslaved to his senses is pride,.. and not repentance although that remains an option. The arbitrary nature of that last six is not confusing but is more perplexing. Why add this six, why not multiply? Why count senses and logic as elements (Well, we don't) but we can only use the spiritual truth of Christ (as C7) in the physical model of the man, as well as the physical carnality of the church and beast system as the counterpart in the spiritual model of Christ. (As described in His revelation).

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