Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again?

I had never been satisfied with the numbering of the beast as 666 - right up until I could make a specific and definite statement for the presence of the final six from the four "earthly" elements of the octal used for the dialectic device. Surely counting 720 - 60 = 660 elements is simple enough, but the final six is almost impossible to identify in action upon the senses. The action of switching a sense with logic by conjugation after factoring down to A5 provides a "sixfold" set of A5 groups - this set appears to justify the system as having been reached logically, a mixture of logic and carnality.

I tried to understand why I should simply add six, when it appeared on the one hand to be six "separate" systems (one for each sense and logic) whereby we should multiply by six instead. However there is only so much that can be attained by sitting and thinking without the bible for a source of answers.

It was incorrect to suppose that we would have a group action with 660 elements and then to add the six A5 groups in the group A6. It makes little sense to add the two - much like adding gallons to litres or mph to kph without an appropriate commensuration.

So I wondered, as there are plenty of elements in S6 that can by transposition form such groups, which six elements should I choose? It is almost laughable that statement in retrospect - (the "I decided" component working its way back in.)

The counterpart of the physical Israeli state or rather satan's christian hybrid the synagogue of satan as the leavening influence on physical Israel's doctrinal baseline for the apostate church is the key to understanding this process, along with James Lloyd's six, seven, eight cycle.

In truth, any group of C6 that finds itself from the previous 660 elements can be applied as if to counterfeit the rest found in Christ as if they were the sensual counterpart of the separate philadelphian church - Thus as a counterfeit of appearing to be the C6 as a multiplicative group of GF(7). Alike to the woman (synagogue of satan) riding the scarlet beast (the little horn) wholly supplanting the true body of Christ.

We also have that the source of leaven in the image can be replaced for a church (as logic for a sense) and the carnal "logic" of conjugate A5 groups will show the other churches in apparent agreement with the source of leaven substituted in place for each church. The decision then is of the seventh, the facilitator is to carry the doctrine over all the churches as with one mind.

In truth the statement the eighth is of the seven, the eighth here is the sensual analogy of physical Israel that becomes as it were the starting point for the next six by taking the place of the identity or "rest" in C7 in the form of a reference point of false doctrine. The image system then immediately takes over as placed in the position of identity in C7 (rest) - the intent of the false prophet, whilst the synagogue of satan, (separate from Israel) leavens the churches within the image system. The synagogue of satan are not the jews.

It is not Israel's fault, I say again, not the jews fault, but satan's own fault in leavening the church with the lie that somehow jewish christians are preferably to gentile ones because of their racial heritage. When the church is completely leavened then the only system left is for the woman (the synagogue of satan) to be riding the state of Israel alone (with Israel as a baseline).

The seventh or "divine" rest in Christ is skipped over without being properly considered as immutable, (replaced with the image of the ten kings (six following after a seventh under the three onto one device) or the USA beast) yet spiritually the final six or the group C6 stands as if it had a place as GF(7)*. So which group C6 from S6 do we require to add this final six? In truth, any C6 will do. Adam even chose His wife as his C6, pointing his finger at her who had done the reasoning of disobedience for him. In fact the statement "Another got there first, I was just copying them" is as close to allowing any C6 imaginable as a justification for sinning with the final six being arbitrary.

The "pride of life" as the final stage of the leavening process reveals that as the fatal wound (sin in man, "the fall" as opposed to the exit of the "clean spirit" of the Lord afterwards as with the exit of philadelphia) appears healed with the little horn state of Israel (the eighth or the pride of life), that once replaced by the image fuels the synagogue of satan. (The synagogue fills the gap left by philadelphia exiting the church (as an unclean spirit moving in), the device fills the lack of crown on the dragon, the image fills the gap left by Christ leaving the church desolate.) Then the "pride of life" pulls man back into alignment (or collision) with God (C7) but as under the means of sin and blasphemy as a stand-alone C6. Man becomes spiritually dead if He is disobedient and is shifted from the rest in Christ as GF(7).

Though a man be separate from the right hand of God in Christ as a member of the 144,000 he may still be redeemed as he is in alignment with a plausible rest in a divine C7 within the "sea" of all the octals. He may be saved as long as He recognises Christ and repents. God indeed extends both His hands to a disobedient and obstinate people.

The locust spirits of the fifth trumpet strictly limit the heretical mind to the environment or the input from the senses, whereas the serpent spirit supplants the rest of obedience. The third woe is the pride of life that collective man is God enough to himself to make his own laws - as if it were the church of Mystery Babylon that will not suffer the loss of children to the will of God. The beast that is rode by the woman is the perpetual eighth - and leavens the church with its own laws as it is given the power to speak in the churches by the ten kings. This state is Israel.

However, neither beast from the earth or from the sea or the ten kings are the third woe. The church of Mystery Babylon is the third woe because of its "pride of life". The believer can not find Christ's rest in the Laodicean conglomerate,.. and that is a great woe, more so than the previous two that facilitates these spirits of antichrist and false prophet. The third woe however has its derivation and implementation of beasts and kings described so that those that watch would notice it upon its arrival.

The senses, like the locusts themselves do not have the power to kill,.. or to sever a person from one octal to another, (resulting in a spiritual death) although the serpents do so. This is in direct alignment with that which we see from Genesis and the serpent and Eve. The pride of life however was more fully displayed by Adam in capitulating his obedience to his wife (rather than Eve) who had only noticed that there was no sensual programming in her flesh to refuse the fruit. Man however is redeemable although we can safely see for ourselves that history is not.

When the church has gone bad all the way and become fallen Babylon, God will swiftly sweep the earth with His wrath. The state of the church is dictated by its historicity, and not its members. The government will not allow obedience to the call of Christ to disobey government within its own institutions, (when the church is just another institution of government or is subject to its leavening effect and laws) and then we will see great tribulation. God will indeed cut those days short in order to save some elect in the last days.

So these final six are related to the mindset of the Laodicean Church, and we can attribute them to either the six following " as hell" after, (the simple answer) Or to the six dialectics offered to Death (sat in the place of Christ) for a decision of judgement, or even if we like we can simply move the 666 elements to the number of pale horse constructions possible in the octal (See the "Amalgam 666" section and the "666 outside of Christ" page.) In that last case, anyone who approves or goes along with the decision of one trusting wholeheartedly in decisions made with the pale horse process likewise does the same, even if only tacitly. Exiting the churches that follow after the beast is required of anyone with the eyes to notice it. It requires repentance because it requires redemption.

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