The Final Six

When constructing gHg-1 we may use any cycle or product of cycles in S5 for g. We can include any number of antagonisms. If there is one sin in a string of efforts lasting years; (to justify the senses in a particular manner.) then the whole effort is sin. It is vanity to consider that disobedience is not vanity, (though it may be the main occupation of someone's entire life.)

Once the senses are no longer fixed, as in "thou shalt not touch" and there is nothing ceasing the cycles from being "familiar" in disobedience, then instead of using the logical problem solving part of our mind to find a way around problems in the environment, (reaching through the window to get our door keys inside when we are locked out) we can put the logical part of our mind into the disobedience itself.

We may use conjugation of the subgroup A5 formed of the senses by elements in S6 (including logic) to transform A5 amongst elements of A6 - the alternating subgroup of the senses including logic. Now, A5 is not a normal subgroup of A6 and we do not gain the result that it's right and left cosets are equal, or the end result that the quotient is itself a group.

In effect, we may with the five transpositions (logic, see),.... (logic, touch) by conjugation on elements of A5 in the senses swap a sense for "logic" so we have;

(logic,see)(hear,see,touch,smell)(logic,see) = (hear,logic,touch,smell).

We have exchanged out a sense for "logic".

We then have six groups, each one a group isomorphic to A5 formed of permutations upon a set of five "elements" chosen from the full six.

Then we have "a final six" elements formed of these conjugate groups, reached by forming gHg^-1 with H = A5 of the senses and g one of {e, (logic,see), (logic,taste), (logic,smell), (logic,hear), (logic,touch)}. Note the identity element "e".

In either case, we may state that we have "logically resolved" the temptation so that our logic is become tainted with the process. We lie to ourselves that we had knowingly decided and "reasoned to sin" when we were actually a slave to the lusts of our flesh. We never logically arrived at breaking the commandment that once gave rise to the antagonism in our environment. We have puffed up our mind to deny our own carnality - We, as Eve have declared ourselves to be "made wise" by the eating of the forbidden fruit.

In applying logic to examine whether there is permissible sway in the commandment, (or sway that is gained from pleasure in our environment) our sixfold logic (by our final conjugation) leads us in the very act of deciding to gratify the senses the debasing of our logic itself; (as the system will allow an isomorphism to A5) as each substitution of logic for a sense is tested.

In essence then, we had examined by conjugation the very same transpositions (logic,see) etc that would have enforced the method by which we were intended to keep the commandment, now debasing them by conjugating them on A5 (formed of the senses) to show that the logical mind would became itself as carnal as the senses - we have indeed fallen and debased our logic. (By conjugating that sensual group A5 to one group A5 including logic.) In like manner those six "new" methods by which the serpent beguiled Eve are employed to make null every commandment: The rational mind that God created is not the rationality of man. Man has a mind that perverts the keeping of the letter of the commandment to justify the lusts of the eyes, the flesh, and in debasing itself, the pride of life also, that logic can supposedly remain pure when it is now made carnal and that the man is left without spot in that regard. (That his reason remains "pure".)

We then enable ourselves to use six-cycles in out "pure logic" instead of merely the five cycles over that which is permissible and normal, a familiar part of our life. Those five cycles (as formerly) do not require logic, as they are simply a part of our God given sensual liberty within His commandments. The six cycles are where we put our problem solving efforts into finding opportunity to sin, either against the norm of legal government or against God's laws. In fact, whenever there is our desire to act contrary to an absolute fixed position.

In (see,smell,touch,taste,hear) the discontinuity may be in "hear then see" if (hear,see) is eavesdropping and forbidden, say. Logic may step in and become (see,smell,touch,taste,hear,logic) so we apply problem solving to bridge the gap, where the gratification becomes as much the process as the desire (hear,see), i.e. (hear,method,see) becomes just as gratifying. Waiting for the parents to leave the room so the cookie jar can be raided is the "sin" part as much as the breaking of the commandment to not touch the cookie jar.

Now that no senses are fixed symbols, and logic has been used to break the commandment, we find our final six elements. Logic has become part of the same process. The logic is considered to "drop out" and leave us with the breaking of the commandment only - upon which we are judged, i.e. committing (see,smell,touch,taste,hear) as eating the cookies above, every bit as much as (see,smell,touch,taste,hear,logic).

So the real answer is "something+1" for logic upon five unlocked senses geared towards lusts. No low too deep for people to sink. That something could only be five, unless we consider the system 660 as having six maps (as up to 720) mapped back into itself. logic must be used to consider self-similar systems, so {(logic),(logic,sense1),(logic,sense1,sense2)......(logic,sense1,...,sense5)} has six elements. That could be something.

Once the disobedience of the lust of the eyes and of the flesh becomes employed, the mind is "broken" and "reasoning sin" has entered the system. The ability of the man to continue on as if he were "mentally capable" of complete obedience is, in this new creature of sin, "the pride of life". It is this last state of the man that gives us the final six. He has not found rest in God but merely dwells within Him as an element of a six cycle acting as multiplication for GF(7). In that, he requires a redeemer in Christ. Rather than merely being a creature of truth and logic, he is now able to logically synthesize any act of commandment breaking under conjugation of A5 by the six elements {"e", (logic,sense1), (logic,sense2)..... (logic,sense5)}

So, once all these six final elements are in place, what is the outcome? Only complete disregard for any absolute position requiring obedience to fixed standards. "Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law". There will be no longer any "desire touch following seeing" but merely another transposition in a cycle from S5 as if it had become not only familiar but the norm. If any individual resists, there is always the appearance of safety in numbers. Once one barricade against sin falls in the world, the way is open for any others to fall also. There will always be sinful individuals as long as this world continues, and until the wrath of God comes upon those that treat God's creation as their animalistic playground, there will always be animals rather than men.

Considering the conjugation of the five senses with the elements of S5 over A5, we have a similar arrangement with logic, where one sense is removed and we have a similar "structure". We can use logic as we would a sixth sense by conjugation, removing each natural sense in turn to swap out that sense with logic. (In fact any transposition of a sense with logic in combination will pre and post multiply to ensure such a set.) Thus we have the exclamation of the sinner that "The rest of me works that way" as if they were a slave to their senses, using conjugation instead of the intent of the creator - the obedience required rather than the coveting by transposition. This really is "the pride of life".

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