The Pride Of Life

We know what our six elements are, the five senses and logic. However we had factored down to A5 in our set of S5 purely upon the senses. We had not included logic at all in those 60, though we simply note that each element could have just as easily been written with the inclusion of logic as (logic)(a,b,c..) where logic is sent to itself.

Without considering the logical part - while we factor to A5 we should take note that logic was not used in this A5 at all unless it was in the sensual conjugation of elements of S5, and then the final state of the man is to separate the logic that was used in considering the system from the system itself to stand alone as if a separate "sense". The diagram of the senses below might shed light on this.

Whereas the logical part of the system has been to encase the set of A5 in its own setting, after the decision has been made to act to avoid the antagonism or to act for it, the effort is to separate our logic and senses, effectively returning to a six element setting. In separating the elements like this, we effectively say, in either case, "I am not guilty when doing it" or "I am not a slave to my senses."

In either case, the logical centre has asserted itself as independent of the lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh, and this assertion of a thinking centre over the senses by seeking approval or recognition of liberty to sin is just that - the pride of life.

Jesus taught that anyone who had even looked upon someone else and had committed adultery with them in their heart was giving evidence that they are an adulterer - in any sense considering the system of the lust of the eyes and flesh is evidence enough that there is a past experience with sin; separating the logic afterwards is merely pride in our imperfections, whether we gave in to lusts or not.

We were created by God as imperfect - certainly not perfect as God Himself. However that is not a free ticket to licentious behaviour.. as without disobedience there is not sin, and there should not be a disconnect, neither an antagonism. The law of God is good, and an absolute standard whereby had we not sinned, we would not have learned to covet with our senses. We would not beguile ourselves and certainly would not have looked like we had become an animal before God and asserted we had merely been obedient to the nature of our creation.

The pride of life is to state that the sinful nature of the creature is the natural state of the soul - that a person requires salvation because they are inseparable from their sin. Jesus Christ showed to all that keeping and fulfilling the law was possible,. the pride of life that would say to God, "Im a good person, I only sin whenever i give in to it, I still deserve it all!" is definitely not the case, we are not our sinful natures. It has been common for people to say that their lives of sin are just "who I am" or "I was made this way". Sorry, that is not the case at all, that is just the pride of life in the works of the man - which is as evil as are the works of man.


If we consider the elements of S5 in conjugation of A5 in the five senses (the inverses) as the lust of the eyes in the same timeline within which we "covet" to sin and "self-justify" it afterwards, we are left with the factoring down to A5 as the lust of the flesh. That leaves only the system numbering 660 then intact continuing along the timeline of our first construction as the "pride of life". The six sets isomorphic to A5 assembled by conjugating by elements in S6 with results within A6 (using transpositions (logic,sense) etc.) show how life itself refuses to admit it was deceived, that it was as "natural" as adding two plus two.

The dialectic logic of the man that "hurts the oil and wine" (see creationism area) weighs the thesis/antithesis of the lust of the eyes using only the lust of the flesh as a motive, approaching pleasure and avoiding pain. The pride of life is the system of 666 that is the mark of an animal rather than the creation of God. It is without fallacy of equivocation, the "Hell that follows after Death". (Death is the logical system of the dialectic with the oil or wine as the empty set. The six states of logic entailed is "antichrist" and is independent of virtue, and is a spiritual "Death".) Likewise, the revelation of Jesus Christ states the existence of a "second death" built in the scarlet beast and image system of the false prophet. Indeed the same model of "a man's heart" is used in construction analogous to the pride of life as the Church using the dialectic mind (in the form of the ten kings) instituted as the image by the false prophet.

In order to follow Christ we are instructed as John to "hurt not the oil and the wine." We had better be prepared for testing, are we to be sifted as wheat?.

The dialectic could be rephrased in truth as "four strikes and you're out" (shifting position four times each assuming an element of the system is the empty set.) If we are tested to hold fast to Christ and the gospel for a series of 666 shifts over the same four devices in every octal of 30 in seven symbols, keeping only the one true Father (Sun octal) and the one truth (unity) fast, then upon the 667th we would be able to "auto-correct" the system of testing... The spirit of antichrist indeed runs out of lies.

Peter's testing of being "sifted as wheat" was "four strikes and you're out" but Christ was denied three times to test the final position, whether of Peter's strength in God as wheat or of failing unbelief. Peter wept bitterly - are we not to justify the same strength of our faith before God? Christ finally said "Feed my sheep" to Peter. The restrainer is removed and we are sinking in false doctrine as a people. No one stands firm any more, everyone gives a "TLDR" ("too long didn't read") to the gospel and now does so also to God.

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