The Ten Kings

The first thing we must note from the passage on the ten kings in the book of revelation is that the ten kings reign concurrently with the beast system. The purpose of the beast as well as the ten kings is to move the position of the people of the world away from the absolute position of the gospel, and the rest in Christ that is due the remnant of His people of spiritually translated Israel into beoming whatever is the current status quo. This societal framework is used to leaven the church (and all other faiths) by using the current permissible norms of society - moving into sin by relaxing or enforcing laws away from scriptural doctrine.

We note that in the book of Daniel when God tells Nebuchadnezzar through Daniel that in the days of the kings of Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome God sets up His Kingdom. (We note that the people of God had already been under the reign of the kingdoms of Egypt and Assyria.)

The Historical Beast

The later mentions of the lion, bear, leopard and diverse fourth beast are referenced also in the white, red, black and pale horses of revelation. Now there are only 120 ways to choose three kings from ten. Whereas the pale horse in this historical beast is the USA, (which we know from the removal of restraint on the beast system in 1947 because the state of Israel was created, and because we are commanded to watch by Christ for this quartet so we would know the hour he would return.) The ten kings system is somewhat more generalised. Death and Hell have not been defined as proper names by the first beast and second beast at this point in revelation, and we may equate Death to the supplanting of the rest in Christ (Jesus is our sabbath) with the beast as the god of the world. Hell, is the system of the laodicean churches - the woman riding the beast or is equivalently the remaining six kings that follow after the seventh which is empowered by the image to the beast, with the "three onto one" nature of the leavening system.

"Death" is the system that supplants Christ, with the image, and "Hell" is the image and scarlet beast that would be the "bride of Christ" that follows blindly after.

Hell, is the system of 666, as Hell is truly where those who follow after the image to the beast and give it worship will end up. It is "Do as thou wilt will be the whole of the law". Anything goes in the system of the ten kings, as no low is too deep to force the church to accept as a baseline standard of society - the church is for all intents and purposes a contracted incorporated slave to the laws of government to whom it is bound. The wrath of God which is twisted by the false prophet and the sources to support its doctrine that physical Israel must still be the apple of God's eye, that the church is persecuted for not being carnal enough in the old testament doctrines (often false) of Israel. This is antithetical to the purpose of the ten kings, who will indeed "hate the woman and strip her naked" eventually "burning her with fire."

The three kings that are chosen from amongst the ten are present in 120 combinations (though only one "chair" is possible, apart from the laodicean churches)- they follow after the pattern we see of the first three horses in revelation. The first bears a crown, a fixed spiritual position, with respect to the state-religion. (Which is a weak seal upon an agreement between the government and churches (a contract)). the second regulates completely, analogous to polluting the offerings (prayers) of the saints by causing them to fornicate with government or to not meet or exist at all - which takes away their spiritual peace, and fractures their spiritual unity in Christ, (causing a conflict of two mutually contradictory arguments). The third is the basis for the methodology of the 666 system found in the dialectic, (where churches use the dialectic to mediate their own standing before God on the basis of consensus) and the last pale horse the setting up of the image to the beast. We can state these as transposition, factoring and the six elements now with leaven in force, when the little horn or pale horse then is integrated in.

In the case of the ten kings, these 120 sets of three kings form the "image" to the beast by applying contract, regulation and scutiny/compromise to integrate the method of the state across the remaining seven kings. Whether one or more kings are involved from the remaining six, they as one follow the seventh as the facilitator, the result is a steady progression towards oppression or compromise of absolute views.

The process can be thought of as mapping onto any one king as was done with the USA, (Death) and the remaining six following after (as Hell follows after the rider on the pale horse.) as Hell, or the beast system.

Hell follows after the Pale Horse

The final result is that all ten kings are pale horses, supported by the leavening process of the previous three horses and reinforced by it. The churches own place in this is to have their sabbath rest of Christ replaced with the image and identity of the beast, (their government) whilst the remnant of philadelphia is replaced by the antichrist sources of false doctrine (leaven). In the case of christianity this may be any other entity which moves the spiritual doctrine of the church away from its true place in the gospel. This is the mystery of iniquity at work.

Pale Horse Supplants Christ's Sabbath

The black horse, has the statements "a measure of wheat for a penny and a measure of barley for a penny". If a penny is the eternal reward for being a labourer in Christ for the harvest, then the penny, (inheritance in Christ) is replaced by its equal weight of barley (tares - animal fodder or for leavening) against the wheat. "hurt not the oil and the wine" refers not to the Holy Spirit and the Sabbath rest in Christ, but to begin the dialectic system on the basis of the method only, without disputing the facts (oil) or beliefs held in common (wine). In this manner the image system draws away from arguments over facts and brings different views together on the basis of what they hold in common.

Although facts and beliefs in common are more or less interchangeable concepts, the oil and wine in view corresponds to the current situation (those in the room) at hand, so in the christian sense these may be the Holy Spirit and the Sabbath rest in Christ (which corresponds to the revelation's preserving of the system of heptads (sevens) between the Kingdom of God and the separation from the beast system of satan.) But in the case of joining in Hiduism or Islam with christians, the dialectic system indicates a much larger system of consensus.

In government, the pale horse has power to speak in and over the church and other areas through the agency of the false prophet. It is an image set up to facilitate between the church and government. In replacing the rest in Christ and the gospel with the reign of the state, any effort to disentangle from this web of deception during the wrath will be met with murder or simple captivity, physical or spiritual.

We find that we have replaced logic and truth in Christ with pride, or false doctrine in the churches (with them assuming it is acceptable to God because they are no longer squabbling over it), and the commandment of God with that of man's own making. An error indeed when the commandment is for the law of faith, not of works. The beasts of the earth mentioned in the pale horse tract refer to all those of the ten kings spread over the whole earth. (All of which supplant Christ who is not ever evicted, He is God, and His kingdom lasts forever.) The Pale Horse's identity as Death ensures that each of the ten kings has a covenant with "Death", and with "Hell" are they at agreement.

Hell, is the 666 system that follows after with the six remaining kings to complete the interruption of the heptad by the seventh (Death) thinking with or using the dialectic system, analogous to the six parts of the laodicean church with the image that rides the historical beast of Israel's false doctrines from Egypt to Rome. One must remember that Christ is not evicted, therfore the true remnant of God's people, "philadelphia" are indeed in their sabbath rest in Christ.

The ten kings and whore

The woman rides the beast and the ten kings are now all covenanted with "Death". As they are leavened with 666, they truly reign for one hour with the beast - one false heptad corresponding to one alignment to unity in the image, with one cycle; the last the churches are tested with before they are dumped by God. (Each one is manipulated by the image into a false satanic image rather than a seven cycle for a heptad).

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