The Consequences Of The Image

All four of the horses of the first four seals of revelation have had their historical consequences. The first or "white horse" refers to antichrist, but only an antichrist in a singular or polarised view, relating to one seal, or one unity element. The crown given the rider is in effect the recognition of the authority that exists in this lone status in authority alongside the established church - or even the remnant of the body of Christ. The rise of authority in government that derives its own authority from the status given it of christianity as the only valid religious viewpoint is synonymous with the era of monarchial reign, along with the assumed "divine right of kings".

We see the fulfillment of this in Daniel's fourth beast or "lion kingdom" of Britain with its state establishment of a protestant church. (You may see we are going in a similar direction to James Lloyd of once again.) Daniel's vision of the lion kingdom continues into the colonial era and the removal of the eagle's (the USA) wings from the lion.

In fact the crown is given the horse that went out... like a cockroach scuttles off when the light is shone on it.
After the plucking up of the horn that represents the British empire, the right to rule was given those nations that exited themselves from the monarchial rule. The right to govern itself under its own sovereignty was granted to the nation of the USA, aka the beast risin up from the sea.

The red horse is given a great sword. We see this present in the two opposing views of two different dialectics (with two different choices of unity, one each) with no resolving synthesis otr agreement, whether we regard this as two viewpoints that fall on each other leaving only the victor, (or the product of "dialectic 'OR' as in the creationism area in the 'dialectic logic' section) We see that in the two opposing viewpoints of these antichrist powers is the use of their fixed systems of state-christianity to justify their wars against each other, putting their people to the sword in another's hands.

We also see this in the "bear kingdom" or the communist-era of the USSR - that christian religion was used as the justification for war: In fact the USSR is or was a marxist state with the destruction of all religion as it's basic goal aside from the permitted worship of the state itself. At least this was the view from the west, that our freedoms needed to be protected against the boot of communism. Communism itself is a religion, in the place of Christ - and it is no surprise that both sides repeatedly used this "freedom of religion" as justification for the cold war. One for Christ and one most certainly against. One antichrist aligned with the correct fixed view of Christ and another with that view shifted against Christ, we see the clash appears in a mutually destructive manner.

Again the red horse went out...
The great sword was given to the victor of the cold war era - the USA, and the preceding power given to both the USA and USSR to kill each other is resolved with the result that the USA became the last remaining superpower.

The black horse finds itself given a pair of balances as we have seen in the previous pages: It is a consequence that regardless of religion men and nations both can sit at a table and dialogue their way to peace, or rather consensus. This does not require there to be any faith in Christ in the room, for if one has faith in the fixed position of Christ he finds himself outnumbered at the table two to one. Part of the synthesis permits that dividing absolute fixed views are never discussed - but the result of the synthesis in dialogue is opposed to those facts under the appearance of removing them "from the table as "oil" "removed from the scales." Once the dividing fixed views are removed, all that relate to them are those ideas in common (as wine at the table) and those satellite views to facts, (no longer in discussion) which may become resolved on the basis that the facts are irrelevant. The facts are removed as irrelevant because the process itself is antichrist and would not be proposed by a true christian view - the synthesis itself is antichrist.

The scales result in the era of Nazi Germany. Those german philosophers and teachers that exited the post war third reich and went to the USA brought with them the use of the dialectic process and inaugurated it into the western education and government we have today. There is very little left that could honestly be called "didactic". The result was that after the end of the third world war the united nations was created in order to prevent all future possibility of a world war three. The UN is supposed to provide a forum where irrespective of faith and creed, all nations can setle their disputes under a international system of law and have their disputes settle peaceably. So much for that. The churches of the world are not required to attend or are even offered a seat at the table, for the most part they are completely irrelevant and lets hope to God they keep out of it.

And the third horse went out...
After the end of WW2 the USA inherited under project paperclip every form of german scientific progress they could obtain. This included the german philosophy needed to use the dialectic which is universally employed today. The USA set up the UN with their dialectic blueprint in mind and some still live in hope of a "new world order" where the world will actually work. A great pity that God is not invited to create it.

The pale horse reveals that there is one rider on all four horses named "Death" which results in what would be a fourfold and closed system of dialectic balances, that would appear to make all valid and peaceful religion completely irrelevant. We see that the rider which went out on the other three horses and this one is one rider seen through four different lenses: it is the creation of the modern USA in its desired new world order. We see this as the "diverse fourth beast" of Daniel, that was different from the ones before it: In the same manner we see the USA, by opposing the three dialectics that went before it, it has become in resisting the same process upon its own choices, the very synthesis of what it originally refused to accept.

d=>e<=f opposed by g
d=>e<=g opposed by f
f=>e<=g opposed by d

resulting in (with no particular order on the left)
d=>f<=g opposed by e

The restraint to unleash this system is found in the moment that the image is set up: it has to happen shortly after the reappearance of Israel and corresponds to the bringing together of all religions for consensus.

The pale horse system (the USA or alternatively the image to the beast - which is separate) has power to kill with sword, hunger, death and the small beasts of the earth. In these we read he causes of war, international bribery using famine relief, destruction of christianity (inviting fellowship only with the image) and the small beasts (governments) that follow after their same system. Who else could these be found in? Today, in none other.

The spiritual consequences of the image are the bringing in of the mark of the beast - the churches in that system become self governing under the same system that formed the modern USA - it is a system that places its head (as in the agency of the false prophet) in charge of decision making rather than leaving the scriptures as the arbiter of all disputes of doctrine. When a church is more concerned over its balance sheet than its creator's causes, it is time to leave, fast. Once Death is sat in place, Hell follows after, there is no scripture to indicate that a band aid in the right place will fix this.

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