The Seventh Angel Sounds

The three woes of the fifth, sixth and seventh trumpets are now ready to be assembled. In short the fifth would allow any permutation of S5 to be made with the laodicean churches: the sixth transplants the correct ultrafilter to "tempt" the church with false doctrine supplanting the sabbath rest of Christ with death. The seventh, the image of the beast in the ten kings beast system allows church government to vet any change of doctrine by examining it legally as with pre and post multiplication in the 666 system. The yardstick for doctrine is physical Israel but that same Israel is excluded from the image 666 system whereas the hybrid synagogue of satan (as if having doctrine with canon law) leavens fromwithin the churches whilst government has replaced Christ as God of the church.

The first four trumpets allow the change from one octal to another, and supply the underlying methods for the sliding out from the calling and will of God. (Providing the imaginative temptation of the changes of the octal operations to those of S5.)

The result is that the power of doctrine is handed to the image, using the beast's system under its (the beast's) approval, and the worldly church is led by the false prophet spirit into a falling away, a decline under the image which is nothing but the same device of satan forming the licensiousness of modern folk, but made into a contractually progressive regulatory and "quasi"religio-scientific device of scrutiny.

The serpents of the sixth trumpet provide the Laodicean church with the transposition from which we factor down to A5 from S5 (the decision of Death's position as seventh king) and the ten kings provide the beast's mechanism to pre and post multiply the elements of S5 about this factored A5. The ten kings are an "image" of the historical beast, using the same device as satan used to construct the NWO beast, Daniels diverse fourth. Using this device they leaven the church. Whilst it may seem strange then that there are in fact "churches" what we are really seeing is Jesus' hatred of the false doctrine of the laodicean amalgamate in His name. In overcoming each church, all that has to be done is to stand fast in the truth and avoid false doctrine. The final six elements delivered are the prideful "I sit as queen, and am no widow" mentality of the laodicean church, that what they have decided is God's will, even though this is done supplanting the ultrafilter and in obedience to government rather than God.

Each of the letters from Christ to the five refining churches lead to the overcoming of false teachers, doctrine and practice. We do not expect physical churches, but rather we should concede that these written letters show false doctrines that cover all that Jesus requires the end time believer to overcome. In doing so we would expect that in order to exit Sardis and enter the spiritual safehouse of Philadelphia the believer must attain the sabbath rest of Christ - the identity that they are God's elect, His chosen people. This identity is a spiritual one, not physical.

In juxtaposition to physical Israel (which is wondered after by the laodicean church through the leavening of the synagogue of satan) the devices of satan that tainted the faith of old testament Israel taint the five refining churches with the quasi-christian synagogue of satan as the bearer of "the bad news" or false gospel rather than that of the one true gospel. One would not overcome all five refining churches to end up in the rest of Christ's good standing unless one could realise that God's chosen people are the Christian elect and not the Israeli state or the liars in the churches - the fundamental flaw that Paul stated "was the mystery of iniquity already at work".

The pride in holding up Israel as perfect (that is the error of the synagogue of satan) that leavens and desolates these five centres (c.f. the letters) of false doctrine within the churches is to expect the source of leaven to be worthy before God of attaining His sabbath rest. (as the elect's six elements of C7 but without the identity of sabbath rest offered freely by Christ) It is that which concerns the church in these end times. Israel was never an absolute standard or a truthful keeper of such law, and neither is its false prophet hybrid (the same synagogue of satan) within the churches. We should delight to be obedient to God, but searching for room in the churches to justify OT style false doctrine is willful disobedience. Also, veneration of Israel in place of Christ's calling to doctrinal and physical safety is tantamount to bringing the disapproval of God down on oneself.

Perhaps these diagrams speak more words than I myself may write.

Satan had a conundrum when the kingdom of God arrived by which God exiled satan from spiritual authority - he loses his crown when the kingdom arrives. Satan is fallen and spiritually defeated. Physical influence is satans last device.

Satans device mimics the sinfulness of man (in all respects) to bring transgression to the full. In attempting to bring christianity into an abomination that makes man desolate, the beast goes to its own destruction in perdition with the wrath of God.

Here we see the abomination that makes desolate - as in place in the image above it. In truth we may place the ten kings and the image in the place of the green "crown" in the picture.
God permits the rise of the beast system up from the bottomless pit of locust spirits, in order to refine his people in the last days of the age. Good standing with God requires the believer to shun the corporate church with its state sanctioned doctrine and false prophet derived image of sinful animalistic man.

How things should be and how satan has leavened the spiritual truth of christianity. Whilst the church follows after the source of leaven (claiming false doctrine proclaiming that Israel is still physical) and the church is become carnal and participates in becoming more physical, the true people of God are spiritually displaced from the laodicean whole. The declining standards of corporate christianity coupled with the leaven of false doctrine supplants the life in Christ with the wages of sin (death).

The image device of the three stages of sin onto the mediator of death (antichrist) is the last device of satan to befall the people of God. Satan desires to turn the church into a perpetual insult to God, unclean in doctrine and prideful of its eminence. In constructing the instance or physicalisation of the devices of sin, making it into a structural systemic insult, satan plans to turn God's eyes from his people in disgust.

The false prophet has two strengths, the little horn of Israel and the 10 king image of the beast made by the false prophet. It is a lame duck. The beast speaks like a dragon using the device of 666, in speaking like a dragon in all matters approved by the state, as well as in facilitating the role of the image following after physical Israel to leaven the doctrine of the churches, the device of satan is moved into action in both respects.

However, Christ set us a clear example to follow, the world as it should be spiritually right way up.

However satan has endeavoured to turn the world upside down again.

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