Contiinuing on from the 144 octal reversals we take a look at the number 144 as 12*12. Revelation lists the sealed within the Lord's rest as 12,000 from each of the twelve tribes of Israel. Far from literal, (as there are no "physical" jews any longer in the new testament) This listing and equal division of the Lord's rest (the inheritance of Israel) is without respect of persons.

The Maker’s Dozen
Just to lay down the twelve elements of the ultrafilters that "jump out" immediately from the trinity construction. There is a certain fixed state of the K4 filter for every choice of unity in the octal, we examine this here in respect of a reduction to a third of our "rest states" - just as those elements of the octal that correspond to the 144 rest states (aside from 24 in unity) and are in the Father's rest, we have two thirds cut off and only one third remaining with access to that rest through rest in Christ. He that has the Son has the Father also.

The Twelve Tribes
So if there are simply twelve possible choices for configuring our K4 ultrafilter from its underlying octal, given the 144 are sealed, do we lose two thirds of the sealed believers? The answer is no, as these have found the Father's rest through Christ - Christ has elements of a different nature in the corresponding rest state of His floating unity. So then, where does the division into twelve tribes come in?

A Matter Of Life And Death
We see then that aside from the 24 elders there is a rest state in the K4 filter for each and every arrangement of the GF(8) construction that corresponds to a floating unity. We find in Christ that the total number of arrangements is exactly equal to 144 also, though it is only a third of those elements we should consider were we examining only the K4 filter of Christ. We remove two floating unities from the K4 filter and cut them off preserving only the third corresponding to unity. In this manner we find in Christ two thirds cut off and a third brought through the fire (preserved) in Christ.

Life Beside The Right Hand
So given the 24 elders are not within the 144 rest states of the K4 filter whilst it is sat at the right hand of the octal filter, do we see the same imagery as we should in the book of revelation? John saw the lamb as if slain before the throne of God whilst the 24 elders were present, even before the seals had been opened. It is not unreasonable to consider those 24 elders to therefore exist apart from the lamb and to find their life in the Father alone. The GF(8) filter had disengaged from Christ on the cross, then we see Jesus opening the seals to show in the eternal spirit His victory over death.

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