A Matter Of Life And Death

We see that we cannot float unity to the elements in the K4 filter if we were to assume that 'a' = 1 = [a,b,c] and b = [a,d,e], c = [a,f,g]. Only the association of a = 1 is correct in the octal, (although we may assume that a = 1 = [a,d,e] in the K4 filter etc.) The filter should contain itself we see,.. so the correspondence of a = [a,b,c] makes sense if the K4 filter is sat at the right hand and has had its elements assigned.

The correspondence of subgroups in the Octal (using (a,b,d,c,f,g,e)) are say;

a = [b,d,f]
b = [c,d,g]
d = [c,e,f]
c = [a,f,g]
f = [b,e,g]
g = [a,d,e]
e = [a,b,c]

The subgroups on the right have been referred to as a "fire column" when describing the method of countering the objections of the serpent spirits that supplant the GF(8) ultrafilter in revelation: We find the associations of their complement subgroups align wiith the initial elements; to align these associations under a 1-1 map in to a different octal (under the same rule of multiplication from the same C7 group.)

a = [b,d,f] = [c,e,g]
b = [c,d,g] = [a,e,f]
d = [c,e,f] = [a,b,g]
c = [a,f,g] = [b,d,e]
f = [b,e,g] = [a,c,d]
g = [a,d,e] = [b,c,f]
e = [a,b,c] = [d,f,g]

The rightmost column now we described as a "hail column" and is separated from the original octal and this set of elements aligns to the 144 octal reversals restoring the alignment of subgroups to products of the original elements.

In order to understand this, we equate the identity element rest-state of each of the 144 states in the K4 filter with an underlying octal. In this octal we have a solution of this K4 filter in the left hand 'hail' column. In order to move from the rest of the K4 state to this rest in the hail column of the 144 we must use this separate octal and become translated. In moving from the middle column to the rightmost or back we must buy of Christ "gold refined in the fire" or "be brought through the fire". (As opposed to be the two thirds to be cut off and die).

So aside from equivocation, we have that through the 144 states of the K4 filter that we indeed preserve, we always find a solution in the rightmost column (using a different octal) that preserves the GF(8) filter in a manner symmetrically identical to the rest state of the 24 elders in the Father (of the leftmost column.) - In taking the complement subgroups in the left handed octal (rightmost column) we move from a K4 filter sat at the right hand of Christ (as a static subgroup [b,d,f] in the middle say) to one identically isomorphic and structurally equal to that of the left hand's GF(8) elements (in the rightmost column) and then by map to the right hand field GF(8) in the leftmost column by a 1 -1 map from left hand to right (as by rows above if you like).

Could this translation by this 1 - 1 map be the same as passing from mere life into eternal life? Moving to an isomorphic octal through a 1-1 correspondence seems less disconcerting than it perhaps should - would I trust God with my eternal soul as opposed to a computer preserving merely my flesh in a teleporter? I'll stick with Jesus thanks.

The reversals only seem a problem when the K4 filter is sat at the right hand and the elements are fixed with the K4 filter containing itself. (as a = 1 = [a,b,c]) This "strange twist" limits only a third in K4 to enter into the rest of Christ Himself, which will pass through to life through the fire, and the other two thirds which are cut off and "left to die".

We are taught that Christ baptises with fire and the Holy Spirit. I prefer the Holy Spirit myself, and Christ's baptism by John to fulfil all righteousness (by preserving His elect aside from those to be destroyed) is just as in view here. That someone would say "I didnt sign up for this!" is besides the point as Christ is God and we live and move and have our being within Him. All were baptised in Christ to salvation or damnation; Finding rest in Christ is having attained rest in the Father. There is no other way to find that rightmost column's solution than to be identically found dwelling in Christ, as if dwelling in Christ's own knowledge (containment) of Himself - and not outside the body of Christ - to be cut off.

To become translated into the K4 filter's unity is the only way in the filter that a person may simultaneously dwell in a fixed position of unity as well as within the static subgroup. The 1 - 1 map from left hand [c,e,g] to right hand [b,d,f] is only paired with Christ as [a,b,c] = [a,b,c],[a,d,e],[a,f,g]. We must remember Christ is God Himself and these three subgroups span the whole octal: To be found in Christ is to simultaeously be at sabbath rest in Christ as well as in the Father: to have life dwelling with Christ in heavenly places, not simply to have a fixed viewpoint; or a manner of godliness.

Someone does not have the Father without Christ: It is not possible to be the unity element in the octal unless also in Christ: and then only as a static subgroup if one is "translated". Without Christ and the translation there is no containment in the right hand of unity in the static subgroup, only the static subgroup in the left. In this manner the elect of God dwell at the Lord's right hand through Christ in "heavenly places" and not as in the left hand (to be found as an antichrist "bow" in the four right hand earthly elements {a,c,e,g} as opposed to the static subgroup [b,d,f].)

Then to have the Father is not simply to have the unity: but to have the static subgroup as well from the right hand, not a mere triple of the right hand (even if it may be a subgroup of the left.) To be counted worthy by God requires this translation, it requires us to be given to Christ by the Father. (He chose us.)

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