Life Beside The Right Hand

The vision given John of the lamb before the throne (as if 'slain') is evocative of Christ being raised from the dead. As more seals are opened Christ ministers His victory over death: He shows He is the one Being who can take the place of the Father's only begotten Son before the throne of God, at the left and right hand: (the set of initial four and consequent three seals respectively; being the solution to the K4 filter) known by the Father.

The twenty four elders are in view here and are within Christ as is unity - but they correspond to solutions within the Father and are not subject to ever be cut off: They exist mathematically apart from the 144 rest-states and are present with God not just in Christ at the right hand: but consist of being only within the right hand themselves, not within the left as those to be cut off or those later passing through to life in the hail column from the left hand (fire) columns described earlier.

So, we are on earth, dwelling in the left hand of God {a,c,e,g} but are spiritually found in Christ at the right hand of God [0,b,d,f]. To be found only in the left is to be cut off or for Christ to not know us as His - Either that or He doesn't recognise the false Christ of those coming to Him.

So what is the fate of those not found in the right hand? They are under an association alike to b = [a,d,e], c = [a,f,g]. We can construct an octal to contain both of these two but must then only recover our original octal because the third product must contain 'a' and therefore must be [a,b,c], which likewise recovers a = b+c. There is no other octal containing these associations unless we arbitrarily assign a separate octal for each of the two. In this sense being cut off is to be moved from one octal to another and different one, rather than from one C7 group to another as in the Holy Spirit.

If these groups/elements were not cut off, we would exceed the 144 valid associations of the octal that find their solutions to the right hand in the hail column. We now see that the trumpet judgements that allow for seemingly unique solutions for separate octal groups to appear to provide a "third way" in which one can unfortunately slide from one octal to another (aside from or resisting the guiding operations of GF(8). ) which provide space for those presently cut off aside from Christ to appear "dialectically" justified by such operations; outside of finding oneself in the rest-states of God's charity.

It is necessary to be chosen first by God - being cut off means at each point being moved into a different left handed octal to dwell aside from God's guidance. The trumpets show how man ignores the clear rest offered by God as a reward for being obedient,.. in such a fashion as to appear obedient by the works of the flesh (like the wormwood product) or by being obstinate and refusing to be moved by the rest-state, ignoring God's conditions to be separate from the serpent and scorpion spirits. (and ultimately receiving the mark of the beast).

The mystery of the seven candlesticks clearly shows us that every ministering effort of the Holy Spirit is in one accord for a particular set of circumstances. The Holy Spirit moves us into obedience to obey the words of Christ. We do not have to do the salvation for ourselves - it is provided by Christ - In overcoming, only he who believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God overcomes the world.

In moving as the Holy Spirit guides we always sustain the same octal group in our position and approach continuing sabbath rest in Christ: - We can trust He who is "Faithful and true" and we know if we have obeyed His voice to be obedient then we are in receipt of His rest. Eternal life starts today - being moved over to the right hand from the left is as easy as a moving of hands for God. Death has lost its sting, where is its victory?

Remaining always in the one same octal without being cut off is to remain where God has placed us,.. whether it be one of the seven churches or separate in the wilderness,.. only in obedience and trust in God can we be sure of salvation.

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