This section gets pretty tricky to start with, but should tie up some loose ends. The methods used are attempted to be validated - but hey, sometimes you just gotta go out on a limb.

Modelling The Holy Trinity
Despite my love of the beauty of the algebra in this section, this page attempts to use some of the stuff in a way that I came up with myself. Not bad if I may say so myself!

Of What Meaning Is It?
How is the Godhead one, yet simultaneously composed of three?

Tested Whilst Surprised
Verse from the Bible relating to visions of God, the Holy Spirit and the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Three Bags Full – Of What?
Just what is this 'Lattice' of the Holy Trinity, What does it mean anyway? Does it work, and does the Bible match up?

Ultrafilter In Strange Twist
Is the downwards spiral K4=>K4=>K4... a spiral downwards? Is it in fact an Ultrafilter, this tangled Lattice?

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