...Of What Meaning Is It?

Err, Can you help? I would like to base this section on precisely what it means by r.a.i.n.i.n.g.. (Reader Assisted Interpretation Nearing Information Not Guessed.)

However, Since I am the one starting this page, I will add content from you (the readers) mailed to me at "webmaster@haloeye .net"

The basic interpretation is that each member of the Holy Trinity is a "container" of the other two. That each is responsible for maintaining the others, in an indivisible, irreplaceable, unity of three that is in no concrete way separable. The Octal group, the fancy name for the additive group of the Galois field with eight elements, (characteristic two, with degree of extension three). Easily contains the Klein four group, (additive subgroup of Galois field order four,  char. 2, deg, 2) as a subgroup. (Not subfield)
Slightly different, the cyclic group of order seven, as multiplicative subgroup of the Galois field of order 8, is "contained" by the octal group since the elements of the Galois Field of order n are precisely those elements which are solutions to the equation xn - x = 0. Of course, zero is a solution, and the others are the (n-1) roots of unity from the field of complex numbers.

However... through the equivalence of the additive and multiplicative groups of GF(8), the Klein four group is also "contained by" the multiplicative group. But, how does this group "K4", contain the larger groups? To explain this is a bit of a leap, and a mystery which at present is incomplete (But I am working on it!). One element of K4 must be K4 itself, one the Octal, and another C7. Zero as an element of K4 and the Octal I leave out for the time being. Restricting myself to a discussion of K4 as GF(4) and limiting myself to the multiplicative part of the field GF(4). At a guess, unity, or "one" in the group C3 = GF(4)*,  I make the group K4. the other, (order 3) elements, I make the Octal and C7 groups.


0   =   0
1   =   K4
a   =   Octal
a2  =   C7

Now, most emphatically, I plead you do not take my emphasised words out of context, but the Holy Spirit (as C7) through identically sharing the elements of C7 with those of the Octal, to me names his counterpart as the Father. This marriage (not of male and female) Is complete in the Son (K4), as subgroups of the Octal acted on by C7. Perhaps, a similar marriage is prepared for Jesus Christ and his Bride. (That being the body of Christ - His elect the saints.)

Christianity is pretty firm on the matter that in Jesus' own words is put "If you have the Son, you have the Father also, but if you do not have the Son, then neither do you have the Father." Christians as a bunch would most likely confirm the assertion that the Holy Spirit comes to the believer after or at conversion, or maybe in a minority of cases immediately proceeding it by a short span of time.
The question therefore, is why have a '0' at all? The allocation of groups above mean at the very least, it belongs in the model of the Father. At closer inspection it is required for K4 to be a subset of the octal. Without which, the marriage of the three groups is meaningless. So, including zero, what is zero for? Zero when we recap, is the difference simply between the "odd and even" view of reality unique to God.

Given God has his own reference or spatial awareness, though he has perfect knowledge of all reality as a whole, with the knowledge that he is not only the container, but as every 'near' mote within it, It is meaningless to call one 'in' and another 'out', but not meaningless to draw endless concentric circles labelling each circumcircle 'inner-looking' on one side, and 'outer-looking' on the other. Without loss of generality, the 'inner-looking' part we ascribe to the Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Outwards, we put the universe, us and whatever else there is. (Because my eyes tend to look out.) So, zero is "Reality"... or Creation, or whatever. Adding it to God makes no difference, the believer we may attest is referred to other than zero in the scriptures, as "dwelling in God". Christ said of Jerusalem that he wished to gather Jerusalem in his arm as a mother hen her chicks. That God looks 'In' would in some sense empower the Holy Spirit to act on and with believers, rather than non-believers who are "outside" or zero like. the group C7 has no effect on zero multiplicatively. So true,.. that when God forgives a sinner, he looks the other way!

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