This section is dedicated to those who have come out of the leavened church system and who have washed their robes in the blood of the lamb. Collectively known as the 144,000 virgins of revelation that make up the complete tribes of spiritual Israel, the body of Christ; these are the famous wise virgins of Christ's parable of the ten virgins that are bidden by their master to go into the marriage. There follows an overview of the parable and much mathematics concerning the ultrafilter model of the Holy Trinity. You will need to familiarise yourself with the other sections under the Metamath menu of the site to get the most out of these pages. This section was briefly referenced at the head of the "A Child Called Alice" page of "The Nature Of God" section.

The Parable Of The Ten Virgins
Here is a requirement for having oil in the lamps of the virgins that have gone into the wedding, and a stark warning to all those that go into the church to seek to buy the oil from those that sell it in concert with the beast system of revelation. Herein is reflected the true nature of the triumphant body of Christ through the intent of the letters to the seven churches of revelation. An important warning for all - but remember that the principle works are to recognise false doctrine and repent of it - and come out of the Church.

Left Handed And Right Handed – The Father’s Throne
Here I make a brief distinction between the seven cycles of the Galois field of eight elements and the Holy Spirits acting upon the K4 subgroups of the octal. In and under the action of the Holy Spirit, we can identify one of the K4 group as an element to be unity, but it is one of the Klein four groups and not a singleton. Thus we have two seperations of the ultrafilter, left handed (K4 x C7) and right hand GF(8) in singletons respectively!

Sit Thou At My Right Hand
Some brief discussion: Particularly the (complete) famous verse of the psalm of David and also in particular what could be meant by "But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth:". When Christ gifts His spirit, righteousness and life for us all, why have I seemingly placed the church within the right hand seven spirits instead of the left hand Christ? That is, to identify Christ with the seven K4 subgroups? The answer can be found in the page "Reconcilable God And The Dialectic" as well as "Eucharistia" within the "Nature Of God" section. It has to do with the dual nature of additive identity! (This page is quite esoteric.)

Octal Reversal And Left/Right Equivalence
Here we start to get into the deeper mathematics of the left and right handed aspects of the Holy Trinity. We examine just what is meant by an equivalence between left and right handed elements - and examine the bijective nature of the two hands - as married into one body.

The Sabbath Rest Of Christ – Spiritual Israel Is His Body
That there is one correspondence for each seven cycle with a fixed unity to a K4 subgroup leads to an astonishing fact - moving leftwards the elements travel with respect to union of K4 groups to the Octal (everything) and moving rightwards the elements trail down to a single element by intersection (Unity). Yet if the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing, what then? The right hand remains right handed! and the left hand becomes empty! The six remaining elements of the philadelphian and justified saints in the sabbath rest of Christ (A K4 unity correspondence to actual unity) become the fullness of the body of Christ, This is the marriage of the lamb. It is also of left to right after judgement.

The 144 Octal Reversals
For each of the possible octal groups, there are eight possible reversals of the octal group that also obey the correspondence between left and right handedness with a fixed unity. Though there are three for each group in this case. Each is composed of seven cycles also as well as the trinity ultrafilter under the Holy Spirit, and as familiarly by Christ and therefore the Father by extension. A simple maple program can show the 144 possible reversals for each octal group operation: These are not seven cycles for a particular octal, but every possible seven cycle drawn from S7. The total 144,000 denotes the sabbath rest of the body of Christ from all possible configurations of seven cycles within any octal, as well as the sabbath millennial reign. This number is to represent completeness of the Body of Christ and the marriage of the lamb in the sabbath of Christ's kingdom.

Seven Seals, Trumpets And Vials – Thunders?
We can also happily show the correspondences between the judgements of God and the octal group structure. Each of the seals, thunders, trumpets and vials correspond within the sets of 144 we have hopefully become familiar with. On one hand all four take place within the right hand: whereas the seals trumpets and vials can be seen to correspond to merely identity elements: in each case the twenty four elders make another appearance. One of the seals (the seventh) is the start of the trumpets, one of the trumpets the start of the vials (again the seventh). Jesus tells us "Behold, I come quickly" It is possible that in the judgement of God this happens in one instant - as we see the judgements of identies of the correspondence to the 24 elements once more in a three cycle. How this plays out within our own timeline may be different - but we can be assured of it's speed.

An Application
I apply the trinity ultrafilter to show the application of the model to colourings of regions within 2D plane graphs.

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