Seven Seals, Trumpets And Vials - Thunders?

So how do we go about explaining the sequence of seals, trumpets and vials in the book of revelation? The seals open up the correspondences of subgroups to those corresponding singular elements of unity in the right hand. The trumpets show that through the wider set of octals resulting from the opened seals, (the various possible left hands created under the same C7 groups) there are possible solutions for a much wider system of correspondences. Finally there are three woes during which the spiritual dwelling place of the ungodly, the beast and 666 system is revealed. It is as though the four beasts before the throne show the lamb all those whom are not in His book of life.

There are then seven thunders, which I interpret as the moment that the various octals and Galois fields of order eight are realised as the same God - Jesus Christ, rather than there being a wider system as shown by the trumpets opening up the systems of wormwood with ill-defined operations etc. This occurs the moment that the angel of the church completes his end days circuit and the wider system for overcoming the dragon is witnessed by those two witnesses. The singular solution of the angel is shown valid across every possible octal - effectively that every spiritual dwelling place is subject to the same obedience to overcome as that angel, as it were the least in the kingdom of heaven. In that sense, every octal is considered isomorphic to the angel's circuit through the seven churches.

Finally, once the ungodly are unmasked to Jesus Christ, there is complete agreement to bring judgement and the vials of wrath are poured out on all those at the left hand of the ultrafilter - in stark difference to the seven thunders that confirm the universality of the right hand (Galois field) ultrafilter, which brings at last the completion of the number of the saints and the coming of the wrath also,.. for the ungodly can not be at the Lord's right, or not for long. The winepress is treaded and the ungodly are forced into the four earthy elements of the four beasts before the throne, indicated as separate from the people of God in Christ.

Then there is one set (thunders) issued upon all elements of the right hand, and one set (vials) poured on all elements of the left hand.

The seals and trumpets are divided into an initial set of four and a final set of three. The first four seals are opening the correspondences of identities to their corresponding subgroups (as held fixed under frobenius alongside an unmoved K4 group sat at the right hand). In the trumpets we see the direct correspondence to the opening of these seals. We see the various secondary or left handed octals create a wider system of many (30) octals within which the dialectic methods of satan are shown to shift the inhabitants of the earth from one left hand to another upon the same right hand octal, shifting from one ongodly state to another, bypassing God altogether. This wider set of octals is referred to as "the sea" in revelation.

The final three seals are only opened in the K4 ultrafilter (of which GF(8) has only a single element (unity). This represents the life and victory of Christ as offered in the lamb ono the altar), the last three seals in which the godly dwell correspond to the three woes in the trumpets that have the dwelling place of all those ungodly souls which have no life in Christ (being separated out into the left hand as {c,e,g} rather than in Christ as [a,b,c] or unity. It is shown that they do in fact dwell in Christ in the form of the static group in a heptad, but they move in God and have their being in a different manner outside of the right hand wherein the operations of the ultrafilter (as +, or a 'spiritual overlay') is disrupted, even supplanted, in a manner antagonistic to the sabbath rest and inheritance of the 144,000.

We can associate the identity of the right hand to a subgroup of the left and relate this group to the K4 ultrafilter in a clean manner where the remaining four elements match up with the four beasts about the throne. By keeping the last three seals and the three woes to only those elements of the K4 ultrafilter and the coset of the static subgroup in GF(8) we can relate that single identity to the 24 elders in the right hand which witness the judgement of Christ as to whom truly have that victory from His resurrection and dwell not in the 666 system of the three woes but have the life of Christ and dwell boldly in the same rest as described in the 144,000. The final three seals provide the antidote to being in the 666 system of Hell and Death. It is the victory of Christ represented here. (He who has part in the first resurrection, upon him the second death has no power.)

The six wings on each of the four beasts correspond to the 6 non-identity elements of 6 x 24 = 144. That is worth knowing. There is an element or map that always returns a person in that state onto the unity element under the action (ministration) of the Holy Spirit.

The three conditions Christ places upon the Laodicean church, to be refined, to be seeing and to be righteous, correspond to the last three seals in a near (if not completely) natural fashion, and the final seal opens the sequence to the next of trumpets, when the 24 elders give their worship to the lamb.

The final set of three trumpets correspond to the ungodly that will be destroyed by the lamb when the transgression is brought (observed) to the full, and the thunders signify that the ultrafilter is universally applied across all octal groups in the sea as witnessed to by the famous two witnesses of revelation. The right hand of God will stay cleansed when the angels have gathered the tares into bundles ready to be burned. At this point, the wrath is poured out to force the inhabitants of the left hand into the earthy "footstool" elements of the octal's static subgroup's coset.

The first four trumpets could be confused with there being room for manoeuvre outside of the rest of God. Indeed this would seem to be the case - yet it does not seem to be an evil on the level of the three woes, it is infact the cause of the three woes, for the world prefers the dialectic methods of satan in the form of Death and Hell (wormwood and abaddon respectively) from which the three woes are constrcuted, (or that are purposed to construct the three woes as serpents and scorpions). However, when the ultrafilter is unified and only one heptad remains, there will be no room left for men to dwell apart from Christ and His judgements will arrive swiftly with sudden and complete judgement.

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