Ok, perhaps not the best title for a section on the redemptive power of the cross of Jesus Christ - Not even if it pretty much sums up the way non-believers may think of it. In Whatever way it may be thought that the death of Christ on the cross is paying for our sins actively today and forever might seem nuts to those not "In the know" - this section's title is not about that - although much of the content is. No, to be really dumb and put people off the trail of what Christ's work has done for their salvation, you really need to speak to a christian. Only they could come up with some real 24 carat bullshit that confuses the hell out of people.

Many Paths To God - What Utter Bullshit
I added this page quite late, but it deserves to be "right up there" so I put it at the top. I tried to answer the idea that there are many paths to God with a simple answer - one that even a child could understand; and which I backed up with some scripture in case you were in any doubt. If you have trouble accepting this and find it offensive, I suggest you leave the Christian faith altogether - as you are denying the Son of God, therefore also you deny the Father that sent Him; then that technically makes you an antichrist or if you consider yourself wholly Christian already and dispute it, a heretic, liar or simply an apostate.

Blood Of Christ
What do people mean when they talk of Christ's blood? Do they mean the little drink they get after a church service, (that they should have had before it), or what? Somehow people seem to refer to Christ's blood as one might a charm, or portray it as if it were a can of wd40, to fix this problem or that. There is one simple sane explanation. It is obvious, but for the longest time it eluded me, because I was surrounded by so many others that would ask for Jesus' blood for uses it was never intended for, and in fact couldn't be.

Man, That’s Dumb!
These are some examples of the gems you might hear from others, or read somewhere... I can't imagine anyone going to church, without coming across something similar, or some very much like them... These ideas I have met from those who claim they are christian, but they either show complete idiocy or perhaps cultic ideas. All are examples of the misuse of Christ's blood, or just nuts when taken in context. Along the lines of "Let's cover the world with the blood of Christ!" - Though that sounds dumb,... If it were done in the way they meant, the world would be lost forever !

Should Have Been More Careful
A dear friend of mine had begun to have problems with poltergeist-like activity in her flat, (apartment for you US-ians) Members of her church had told her to "cover the place" with the blood of Christ. - Another cultic idea which is the worst thing she could have done. A similarly terrible story is of someone who asked for a "thorn in the flesh". The trouble escalated in my friends case, and I had to put her straight and write a letter to her church. I had made many mistakes on the advice of others, but the Christ's blood paintbrush idea is a dreadful one to make. I should have been more careful in my life, but I am glad I could correct her mistake after I had learned my own.

Paying For Yourself There?
What is the problem with the blood of Christ? Technically, none. But if you were to spend 10% of the time sinning, and the other 90% apologizing to God for it, it kind of defeats the purpose of Christ's sacrifice. Christ died for us, so that we may be called the Sons of God. - If we are to share in the same relationship as Christ has with His father and ours, we just ought to accept the fact we sin and maximise the 90% we have left. If our sins are covered and all we do is accuse ourselves - what was the point of hiding them? Playing the part of satan against ourselves just saves him the time to do it himself. If Christ told his disciples that he saw satan fall as lightning from heaven the moment they realised they were accepted in his name, as we come to Christ through the cloudiness of the gospel we also should be confident of our election.

These Three Agree In One
This little quote is great - it literally sums up the whole point of the show. It is also strong evidence against the accusations against Paul handled earlier. Though there were many cults in the roman world that offered blood atonement, most were inherited culturally or used for initiation rather than redemption. In almost every case they were based upon national myths like the tale of Orpheus, or other demigods. Salvation was a relatively new idea that came along with the idea of the "divine spark" in man and the idea of an eternal soul. It would have been unheard of for any one to point the finger at a man and say "He paid for your sins." the closest that world had come to it was the sponsorship of a benefactor putting forward a candidate for a ritual that involved sacrificial beasts, and often large amounts of money been lavished on the guests. The complete package of salvation was, and still is found only in the Person of Jesus Christ.

The Head Of The Corner
I have seen plenty of explanations of the verses in Psalm 118 quoted by Jesus to those whom would question his staus as messiah. At church I was spoonfed the idea that the stone mentioned is Jesus Himself. After years I learned elsewhere that as the chief cornerstone is also the head of the corner; it must follow that the construcction is a pyramid and the stone is a capstone. Of course this esoteric symbol common to masonic art and symbolism (and the dollar bill) has absolutely nothing to do with this verse at all. A far more sentient explanation is found by considering the "stone cut out without hands" from the book of Daniel.

No Marriage In Heaven
I apologise for this long page, but I had all night and perhaps a lengthy answer is deserved for such a lengthy and emotive subject. I propose that since Christ offers up His spiritual body (bride) as a fitting offering to His Father again on the last day, we must be brought into subjection to Christ beforehand. That precludes the possibility of human marriages continuing at the second coming and during the thousand year reign of Christ. The church will not be allowed to breed like rabbits.

Ye Do Therefore Greatly Err
I take yet another look at marriage in the resurrection, merely because the concept of the seven cycle and heptad culminating in rest (The Lord's reward to His servants) was indeed embedded in this passage. Jesus speaks elsewhere of "that world to come" in sayings hard to accept - whereas for the truth's sake it is assuredly a reward - and the rights of marriage continue after the resurrection - surely marriage does also in the body of Christ to His elect - I examine the two passages from Matthew and Luke with a dividing line between those attaining rest as a reward and those other s that minister the physical requirements of the law - as servants of the law only. Boolean logic should step in at this point and correct us! We need not err at all.

Strength In Numbers, Ha!
Approaching from Jesus' clear rebuff to the pharisees that they are the synagogue or children of satan (that i took some time to realise was being made, that the situation has its modern parallel within the church, those who claim to have God's approval as Christians but are liars.) I approach the idea that concensus and numbers are no defence for claiming that there is a basis for church fellowship always being better than solitude and the former being equivocable to good standing with God as opposed to the latter.

Jesus Paid The Price, (And Gave Me Credit)
I write again on the offering of Christ's Life. I find it untenable that God should blame the innocent for the sins of the guilty - which is directly in opposition to the doctrine of most of the churches nowadays. It is common for pastors to state that God takes no pleasure in the sacrifice of bullocks and other beasts - but that somehow he takes pleasure in the sacrifice of the life of His only Son Jesus. Central to this displeasure is the inability for blood to wash away sins - whereas the promises and grace of God may reckon to making a man obedient - and that is the true ministry of Christ's life and teaching which more than accounts for grace aside from human sacrifice which is in truth actually repugnant.

My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?
Central to the belief that God placed the full reckoning of all sin upon Jesus' shoulders on the cross and that he suffered extra for the guilt of others beyond that of mere crucifixion, simply because of the statement that God forsook Him on the cross has no basis - there is another statement of truth which makes more sense.

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