The Blood of Christ

There are many beliefs amongst the various branches of mainstream christianity about the blood of Christ. Most protestants would say the roman catholic church stands out as erroneously claiming the mass can transform wine into the "actual" blood of the saviour. Whilst this is contrary to biblical teaching, quite a few protestants are also in error when they try to sanctify things, objects, possessions etc by "covering them with the blood of Christ".

The short answer is that if you value something, you simply don't cover it with the blood of Jesus. The idea that Christians are issued from the divine quartermaster's with paintbrushes or spray cans of blood to "take back the earth" or other such nonsense is plain wrong. So what is this blood stuff all about? The use of the word blood is obviously linked to the shedding of Christ's blood and the taking of his life on the cross. - It is poor equivocation that somehow this means by drinking wine or merely blessing someone's drink you are imbued by some altered state of matter that people refer to as "life".

The blood of Christ is given to us, as was his life (his death on the cross) in order to hide our sins from the eyes of God. Our sins are covered by the blood of Christ, because in the place of our sins God sees the suffering of Christ, and looks away. If God could not look upon the suffering of his own Son, "forsaking him" on the cross - likewise he will not look upon our sins. The plain answer is if you want to spend time alone with God in your home or prayer closet you simply do not cover/fill it with the blood of Christ, because God after answering your request will never look upon it again, much less visit you within it.

So, proper reason, after we partake of the blood of Christ in covering our sins, is that we are left with life in the eyes of God - sinless life. Though this "leftover" life is sin-free and blameless, it may not be 100% of our time, but compared to eternity it makes little difference lengthwise. The remaining life blameless, is therefore as "Christ's own" and the result is we have life as God intended. The idea that blood = life is a fallacy, moreover it is properly "life minus blood = better life."

However, even though God looks the other way when it comes to our sins, He knows every single one of them and the Holy Spirit ministers to us in our sins to conform us into the image of His Son Jesus Christ. It is not as if God merely wipes our sins away, He knows them all and we recognise Christ in truth when he actively helps us to conquer our faults towards Him and His law.

The next page lists some of the strange uses I have heard Jesus Christ's blood called upon for. - How come few people ask for Christ's blood to fill Jesus himself?

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