Moving On To "Romans"

So, what was the point of this section? In fact the whole "Gospels" area on the site has been quite literally an examination of the conflicts I have had with prevalent christian teaching whilst I was at church. Most of the stuff I put up in this section has been contrary to that teaching, but that doesn't make it correct. Still, I feel that since there is so much wealth of doctrine in the gospels, the rest of the theology in the bible deserves a section of its very own.

So, I am moving on from this past work to the "Commentary" (formerly "Eucharistia") area of the site. That is, "grateful language to God". I am more or less at an impasse concerning the metaphysics and metamath sections for the time being - I have been blessed marvelously by the Lord over the past year since finishing with the "scriptchores" search tools, and I hope to be able to apply the patterns the Lord has discerned for me in His teaching to this new NT commentary area.

Since the gospels are as important as the rest of the bible and all scripture is God-breathed perhaps I will rewrite this section at a later date - but for now I will not remove any content as deprecated; The title should speak for itself. That there is room in the interpretation of parables to mean other than that I was fooled with whilst in the church is encouraging more than self-defeating. It shows that the answer is a relative point of view, as much as the church's views are relative. That said, Since God's truth is absolute, hang it all and pick up in the truth when you are not convincing yourself but when God is teaching you.

So, this section was about juxtaposition of personal opinions, whether they were right or wrong upon church teaching in an alternate and convincing enough way to show that either side of the argument, (from its lack of convincing truth) must show that the system is inadequate either way - or that church teaching is inadequate period. This is most notably the case in the "Dumbest Thing I Ever Heard..." pages.

The new testament deserves a chapter by chapter blow by blow account... This is going to take me a very long time, reprinting the bible wholesale in text on the site will not be possible, but reference will be made, and it may be possible for me to include snippets of scripture along the way, but an open bible will be the best companion when I am truly moving on. I do not aim for a complete commentary of the bible, but I need a section where the examination of scripture is wholly based upon that which has been revealed to me in the metaphysics section (though all is not metaphysics). Prophecy will not be my main concern as I write those pages, but as there is prophecy, I hope to include a little more solid examination than this; my failure, has attributed.

My time at church was a failure - my dissatisfaction with their teaching was a failure - my justification for and method of leaving church was a failure, my wasted life in church was a failure. All my own work studying scripture whilst attending church has been a failure and it is only the gifts of the Holy Spirit that have been a success - Jesus Christ doesn't want a warm and fuzzy feeling based relationship with his children. He wants Sons and Daughters that do His will. That may be a bitter pill to swallow, but you don't get to bargain with God about His terms - (as we are used to with those we pick and choose for ourselves.) Doctrine is exactly the same way. Unless you have complete scorn for the taught truth because it is not strong enough to satisfy you... you have no right to demand an explanation from God Himself.

God is not subtle - the teachings of Christ are "the mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven". They are given to His sons and daughters to understand - I hope the metamath and metaphysics sections have demonstrated some of these - The epistles are separate but systematic, so that is the justification to move on for "Romans" into a new section where a more methodical approach may be used.

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