Luke's Gospel is without doubt the most historical account of the events of Jesus' life, from John's conception through to Christ's ascension. Filled with much of Jesus' teaching and miracles, If there is a first place to check for a particular event, Luke is it. The amount of doctrine is impressive - and more so than the other gospel accounts, there are many parts with which I had a great deal of trouble!

Temptation Of Christ, Dropping The Bombshell
Satan's temptation of Jesus is almost also full of mocking as he tries to tempt Jesus with a literal take on the scripture. Jesus though, sent to fulfil the law, is not about to have double standards. When challenging His contemporaries on their attitude problems, that John is not good enough; and Jesus is not John - Christ states He is the Son of God.

Bridegrooms, Garments, Children In Marketplaces
Matching content in Matthew and Mark already covered, on this our third pass, what more can we learn? Not only Is Jesus the Christ, the Son of God - Is their attitude one of readiness to accept the gospel, that Jesus' path has been made straight by John? Multitudes followed Christ, but just as many turned their backs. "Even the prostitutes and tax collectors enter the kingdom of heaven ahead of you" - Jesus came to call sinners to repentance, not the righteous. - But, are the righteous just as sinful in their rejection of Christ?

Who Say Ye That I Am? – Mary And Martha
After Jesus fed the five thousand, He asks his apostles of Himself. Was His ministry working on those close to Him, did they know who He was? The miracle is related to his identity as the Christ and to His death for us. Though His disciples may not have realised this at this stage, Jesus was glad they had understood His divinity. Martha learns that Mary works for her by listening to Jesus now, to inform her of His words later. Martha learns that Mary works for her by listening to Jesus now, to inform her of His words later.

Opinion, Expectation, Purpose, Division
Luke's twelfth chapter has some very intriguing content. - I am still not sure I understand it, but I'll have a good try piecing it together, God willing! From the repeated demons cast out by demons in chapter 11, through subjects of stewardship in chapter 12. Topics of hypocrisy, over-reliance on leadership and it's inherent problems to the divisions within the most sacred of units of civilisation - the family, that the kingdom of God may cause within Its members.

Judgement Already Happened In Part
Sinners were under judgement the moment they had broken the law of God. By the condemnation of the law, they were sinners and under judgement, as are all men - But will a poor tree bear good fruit? - Even if it be tended lovingly? A good gardener knows that healthy branches from a good tree may be grafted in to a less fruitful, but stronger tree. Jesus' ministry was not to the Gentiles at this point, but later to them through Israel in a similar method of grafting in.

Mustard Trees, Leaven, Hate What You Have
A brief look at the mustard tree and leaven again. Most of this page is spent on the cost of those closest to you. A stranger can often make far more difference than a family member - I myself do not have the strength to save my close family - they are too familiar with me and have too close an understanding of my many failings - even to see them before the vast benefits I have had from my faith. I have to abandon them to concentrate on God. When I count the cost to myself for saving my family - I do not have the money! I hate that about "_____" (who?) them? me? circumstance? It is like I am continually self-mocking when I am in their presence and ever mention Christ. - Especially when with my siblings.

The Dishonest Steward
The first time I read this, I thought I got it. Then I read it again and knew I had missed out on the point, then I looked again and couldn't make sense of it at all. After a while I decided to break it down into statements and make sense of it a piece at a time. The verses after the parable proper help to make sense of the parable itself, we really can get to the meaning here. Despite all the talk about money, wealth and mammon, The believer is not dealing in terms of cash here. Its best left to the pro's.

Priceless Articles Of Faith, Marriage And Resurrection
True riches in this life there for the asking and available for free. And also probably the best account of Jesus' reply to the Sadducees on the resurrection.

Matthew 24’s Companion In Luke, - Confirmation With Mark
Again, we find total agreement between the gospel's here. If you thought that the page discussing the section in Mark's Gospel was a pretty thin argument, think again. This chapter in Luke confirms everything I wrote on Mark's coverage of the Matthew 24 content.

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