The gospel of Mark whilst sharing plenty of content with that of Matthew, has its own focus. Though all of the Gospel accounts in the NT have Jesus' teachings, (many of them repeated in more than one account) Mark focuses mainly on the miracles and many healings Jesus performed in his ministry. Mark is a gospel often recommended to those who wish to seek healing in one form or another. Mark is filled with examples of healing, both physical and spiritual. Jesus casts out demons and heals the infirm. Mark can be thought of as showing the divinity of Jesus Christ through his works. Jesus statement that if Christ's own words and teaching were not enough for his followers to believe on him, that they should believe for the sake of his works, those in themselves are evidence enough.

Mark however has content of it's own that I took a long while to look at in any depth. I used to skip over passages like that, almost as if my understanding had seized up like "brain-freeze" from a mouthful of ice cream or a sensitive tooth. My main problem was always trying to figure something out without reading the verses in the context of the chapter and the current subject. Jesus' teachings are often on the same subject that carries on through a couple of chapters, or while he is in one particular locale. Trying to make sense of something without understanding the reason Christ taught it is a fools errand.

Bridegroom And Fasting, Christ The Testator
Also present in Matthew's gospel, a look at how Jesus doesn't mince words, but goes right in with telling the disciples of John, the crowd, even the Pharisees that he is the Son of David, the Christ. By coming right out in the open that he is not just the mediator of the new covenant, but the maker of it - God Himself.

Demons By Demons, Candles And Bushels
In Matthew, the account of the accusation that Jesus cast out demons by demons had the result that Jesus affirmed even if they had seen the Holy Spirit (seven of them) enter into a man by Christ, they would call them (The Spirits) demons and the man sicker than before (because he followed Christ.) That end of the section in Matthew is not present in Mark's account. The activity of the demons in the account is secondary to Christ's teaching's of their blasphemy, the end is evidence that their accusations are false. The candle reference is used here in reference to teaching in parables. Christ's words afterward are examined in context.

The Sower – Reaping And Mustard Trees
Why does the measure of ones understanding affect our understanding of scripture? The moment we understand something we are content, though there is much more to understand. The seed that grows without work is a remarkable lesson. God works tirelessly, and people are so quick to grab whatever meaning they can get. Those that teach and sow the word measure the fruitful work of God in the understanding of his growing children by their own standard. Teachers reap when the taught understand 'enough' - If we were to listen only to this, there is one qualitative direction for understanding - downward.

Corban ‘The Gift’ – Rewards In This Life, But Not $$$
I would be so annoyed if I was a parent and my eldest child presented me with a bill for doing chores, or merely their company! Even if they gave me a "special 100% discount", I would be pissed. The traditions of the Jewish people showed their hypocrisies on many occasions, and they came to a head when they crucified Jesus Christ. Though they understood the scriptures perhaps more than anyone today could understand, they crucified their own God. Through hard times may of us think we deserve some reward. I totally screwed the pooch by thinking all these things were waiting for me after death. I did not believe that God would give me tons of cash in this life, but this passage tells that we may receive rewards in this life, worth so much cash we would be spiritually "living the high life".

A Close Comparison To Matthew 24
I separated Matthew 24's content containing Jesus' three consecutive answers to the three questions of his disciples. - The acid test for that is here in Mark! Does the same examination stand up to scrutiny or are claims of rapture and views of preterism or total lack of prophetic fulfilment for these passages valid? (Did I screw up?)

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