Empty The Man, The Man Won't Rest, The Rest Won't Fail.

So, prophetically we have in view a situation to parallel the deadly wound given the beast in the book of revelation. The saved and healed man is indwelt by the sevenfold spirit of God and now in his right mind in his proper place in Christ. The sevenfold Holy Spirit is either present or it is not. A true black or white situation. There is no mingling between the saved man (c.f. the "church" in philadelphia) with the man possessed by eight spirits, (c.f. the little horn of physical Israel as the eighth with the sevenfold beast as it was before it's deadly wound.) Whilst in revelation the false prophet leavens the six churches by supplanting Christ's place as the seventh, the approved of Christ are separated as is the healed man, (sealed with the Holy Spirit having the full armour of God.)

There is no mingling of the Holy Spirit and the devils, rather we note that it is as one case or the other; and the presence of seven more wicked spirits indicates that not only is the state of the man worse than at the first, but there is a process of "falling away" in view.

The "falling away" of the possessed vessel is not equal to the "eighth of the seven" in the revelation's "healing of the deadly wound" (shown in contrast here.) if the it were analogous to the stronger armour of seven more devils - they are still weak compared to God, and the saved vessel indeed escaped separated. Were we to see an eighth stage a "synthesis" of the two, we must note that the change has occurred only to an "empty" man (vessel) without the armour of God (And a vessel that never had it) - and the increased wickedness of seven spirits is not paralleled to a synthesis of Christ and the "corrupt tree" that would call itself approved. The deadly wound is not upon the saved and sealed; rather it is upon an exchange of the sevenfold Spirit of God in preference for the seven heads of the dragon, satan. A tree totally corrupt or a tree totally good.

The eighth which is of the seven in revelation starts as the same system of the possessed man, but becomes healed or "reconfigured". (In healing this deadly wound to the beast that is made by the separation of God's "philadelphian" elect from the end-times church. As if a required and irreplaceable demon were converted!) If we were expecting a direct parallel to the revelations "eighth of the seven" we would diagnose that the possessed man is actually the eighth, being "of the seven wicked spirits" (or made corrupt of their continued influence) and in casting out one demon of seven, (in analogy to the wound caused by the exit of philadelphia) The man would be moved into the seventh place, and the former from the seventh to the place of the exorcised spirit.

Yet the man is not the eighth or initial spirit is he? There is a problem equating the passage with the healing of the deadly wound in revelation. The demon cast out is given a deadly wound in the sense that God moves in to the man healed by Christ instead: but this deadly wound is not then "healed". Likewise satan has no opportunity to create a "soul" to distress through possession in the image 666 system: the image or even the "bride of christ" itself has no soul, only those elect in it - rather satan takes every opportunity to mould as 666 the image to offend God.

This indeed causes a conundrum: For the man is now in a position of "rest" in which the unclean spirits possess him. Unless of course he is patterned after the image system and is numbered as 666, (we recall that God's saved are separate, and the Lord "swore in wrath that they (sinners) should not enter His rest".)

The result of the healing of the deadly wound as a cycle is not synthesis of Holy and unholy, but of satans devices - the dialectic mind of the man and its synthesis with the refusal to be converted; that comfort in a false rest is (as mistaken) "proof positive" of divine approval.

So there should be a simplistic sense in which the initial and eighth spirit is cast out: for if there are eight and one is exorcised we would expect on its return that there would be fifteen in total - yet we are told the man is "empty, swept and garnished". The seven that return are essentially one demon much better armoured; using this one "system" of 666.

The healed man however is not as 666, but as unity at rest in God. The eighth stage of the healing of the deadly wound is not a mingling of God with satan's influences; but a refusal from God to show mercy and compassion to an evil man (albeit demonised) - evil as he himself is then in approval of his own state by sinful preference.

So, were a man to be exorcised of one demon of seven, or one demon of eight the man seeking healing would find some form of respite: The place of rest and the seat of reason as the seventh and eighth respectively would release the man from the force of his possession but not heal him of it; Unless the 666 system is itself broken; (We know from the revelation text that the man may either be healed or left to a reprobate mind. The command then stands to come out and be separate.)

In view then is a simple argument!

If God has made a man clean, He is clean.

If His cleanliness, (because it is God's own) may be demonically "healed" to further and stronger possession (so as to gain the man's own approval to it) - the man is not "clean", nor was he ever.

Surely God chooses His battles wisely!

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