Before examining the New Testament books following the Gospels, there is some fundamental doctrine that is often never taught. Concerning the mechanism of salvation, the person and mission of Jesus Christ Himself, this is fundamentally critical information to understanding the doctrine of the New Testament as it was intended as it was given and penned. After two thousand years many christian teachers treat Christ's own words to his disciples and others as "yet to be fulfilled"; Even though Jesus specifically stated to his audience that "they" would see the fulfilment of his words themselves. A study in this section of the mechanism of salvation, principally with reference to baptism in all it's forms opens up the scriptures in the New Testament with a blessing of rich understanding. To follow, one sees as Jesus told the High Priest would see... "Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven." (Matt ch.26 v64).

Doctrinal Fundamentals
This page expounds some of the doctrine of the New Testament. If you are familiar with the scripture selections you could probably skim past this page. Important to remember within this page is the doctrine of Israel's flight from Egypt and their passage to freedom by passing through the Red sea. Reference is made in particular to the figure of baptism into Christ of the people as they escaped. Likewise, they were given water from the rock, the symbol of Christ who gives life to His elect.

The Sealing – Hit The Ceiling!
Here is the main study. This section will open up your understanding of the New Testament, the mechanism of salvation, and help you to understand the New Testament and the acts of the apostles. There are many scripture selections within the collapsable panels. Before you fully appreciate Christ's words and His work, it is important to realize that when Jesus is speaking to someone, It is meant for whom he is speaking to. Disassociating his words as prophetic and to be meant later (i.e. today) and not for the listener (back then) makes Jesus words into lies that had no meaning and immediate worth.

The Right Hand Of Power
So, after the study (previous page) we can fully understand Jesus Christ's words to the high priest in Matt ch.26 v64. It is incredible that the church should teach that these words are yet to be fulfilled. - That way, either we accept Christ lied to the rulers of His day, or perhaps we should expect those priestly jewish authorities to live forever?

Coming On The Clouds Of Heaven
We might be a little too wise to judge ourselves as seeing Christ's work properly, rather than in part. Though Christ instructed His disciples to continue in His word, somehow the whole world is seeing "as through a glass darkly". Studying the meaning behind baptism has opened up God's redemptive work for study, yet it is saddening that so many wander around in a doctrinal fog rather than seeing Christ's work clearly defined and self-evident from both the Old and New Testament fulfilment.

You've Got It Totally Upside Down!
There are two approaches to the cross of Christ - one which states that Christ is blameless and another more popular that Christ took the blame for us. now, the blame free option justifies the appearance of the other as found in the OT which is given first. Then, the NT letters of Paul in particular follow the former in order to reveal more fully the meaning of the OT prophecies of Christ in a setting where Christ is holy and without blame. Finally, we see that Christ in bearing our sins did so without blame in the eyes of God - and His paying the cost for us is an equivalence - although an irrationality.

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