It is commonly held that Jesus paid the price for our sins, that somehow the punishment due us for our faults was suffered by Him on the cross. This is a great injustice as God would be most unjust to punish the innocent for the crimes of the wicked. Indeed were this the case the New Testament would be a great deal shorter than it is,.. and likewise merely because this appeared to be the pattern of the old testament system of offerings this has been carried over into the new testament by those that would oversimplify a wealth of teaching and doctrine. Jesus said Himself that new wine does not go into old bottles and that the gospel as a piece from a new garment is not put into the old garment of the OT without diminishing both new and old. However, we are taught that a scribe educated in the law is like to a man bringing forth treasures both new and old. The new testament unlocks the old and reveals the mistakes of Israel. In fact the NT teaches propitiation without transference of guilt from us to Christ.

Christ Obedient To The Cross
The New Testament sequentially reveals more of the truth of the work of the ministry of Jesus Christ that concluded with the cross. From beginning with the supreme example of obedience through His suffering on the cross to His continuing ministration beyond the veil Jesus shows us the perfected faith the Father requires from us - the answer we should give the cross is to offer up our faith on Christ's example.

Grace The Gift Of God
How should we say that Christ was punsished for us? If one man were to blame for the sins of all He would be the recipient of God's wrath, not the vessel to show God's forgiveness. As also Christ's obedence was completed, we should strive that ours should be so also. The gift of God is His grace by which we are saved, not by suffering as of Christs death. Paul writes to show the kindness of God given through His testament - and not given in His anger.

Shadows And Substance
The Old Testament failed to be kept whole by Israel because they did not approach the table of God with faith, trusting rather in the works of the law. We see in completeness now that the requirements of the law of God were to point towards the faith of Jesus Christ as shown to us. His former people Israel rejected Christ because of their lack of faith, causing God to redefine Israel to His elect only. Abraham showed that before the law was, Christ was also - through the display of faith Abraham showed us.

Propitiation For Sins
We are most fortunate to have atonement in Christ, that we are brought into good standing with God as if we truly were without sin. However this is under the rule of grace by the law of faith, and not by a payment in suffering, due the recompense of God to the guilt that would be upon His Son were it otherwise.

The Suffering Servant
The famous prophecy of Isaiah on "the suffering Christ" must needs be looked at again. Bear in mind that the Old Testament speaks of the shadows of the newer spiritual truth of the works of God and words used by Christ Himself. The shadows of the physical old covenant's ordinances of sacrifices and offerings are the means of explaining the new in the old. We find that new testament doctrine is also given in this passage - that the translation of Israel is the key to unlocking it.

The Urim And Thummim
The Urim and Thummim were two tokens by which the old testament priesthood could divine the will of God. In respect they are the "oracular light" and "perfections" by literal meaning,.. we see that these align very nicely with the metaphysics section - that in knowing the perfection of God and His desire in His foreknowledge we may divine His will, in the NT it is through the ministrations of His Spirit, in the OT it was merely the reserve of the priests to direct His people.

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