As these pages are important topics, I moved them here from the previous section. These pages show my own opinions rather than provide any scriptural proofs, though I think I somewhat have a handle on them. I would advise the reader not to judge; there is hypocrisy to be found in doing so.

Gay Marriage A Stumbling-Block
Nothing really adds up in the arguments against permitting gays to marry in terms of lobbying government to legislate for it. If they pay their taxes, they should be able to be heard just as equally and government owes them nothing more but the equal recognition they desire from their willing taxes. God, however, does not collect taxes but accepts our repentance as a willing offering. That stated, there are good reasons why not "stumbling" over the premise of Gay marriage is more important than whether society permits it. The Church should follow after Christ only and not be the vassal of government ruling otherwise. That stated, one church can not speak for another and the individual as myself cannot any single other. God, in real terms, permits worldliness but not in the heavens. Marriage, should not become a stumbling block but Christ's authority simply should not be subjected in the Church to the laws of the state (is the reverse any more or less worldly?).

Trouble Dividing The Sexes
A little delve into the metaphysical arena here. I take a little time to show how the gender re-assignment ideals confuse both the dialectic and didactic paradigms when one would hold up their dialectic "logical" paradigm to that of the creator (as if His own were insane and ridiculous) on the basis that they know better. Perhaps for themselves they do! (Yet not better to then mix their paradigm with that of those accepting their creator's own.) But what if, for example, someone could possibly find that the mindset of the gender realigned were, in mixing the paradigms of the didactic and dialectic, also mixing the logical with the illogical and so doing outside of their own settings? Would anyone be yet able to point out that the clear division of the sexes is, quite separately, worthy as a mindset on or by itself? Still, as science progresses its own way onward and the judgement still approaches, when one day there is no difference found between being one thing or becoming it from another, there is no difference to be found between them as a result.

Is There Freedom Of Religion?
There is trouble found in registering religion with the state if it becomes necessary: Government becomes God. Take a careful read and note that whilst forcing a predicate is not "proof" of a statement it certainly leads to a ready contradiction in a truly valid and logical form. Take some time to mull this over; your current freedom to worship stands at the door and knocks!

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