What Failure, Why?

I know I've made some terrible mistakes in the past trying to understand verses from the Bible. Even Jesus' teachings and His replies to people and crowds seemed hard to fathom a number of times. Whilst I try to correct myself as best I may, any real help comes from God. Many passages have been misunderstood by various churches (in fact misrepresented), topics such as the rapture (or the twisting of scripture to support such crap.) What is worse is that newer translations of the Bible turn these false meanings and teachings into the 'truth' of the particular text since these new Bibles are rewritten to support these misinterpretations. Even the innocuous NIV actually has verses missing altogether! Verse numbers go straight from one to the next leaving out one between them. (4,5,6,7,9,..etc.) And most importantly, in some of these cases there is important doctrine.

This section is based on the need arising from my own failings whilst reading the Bible,.. (Mostly within the NT) and I present those indicators within the scripture for how to interpret the "problem", if there ever was one. I am not going to cover every item in the content of the gospels, just those that had caused problems for myself. - This way I say "look at the beam that was in my eye!" and I have no assumptions that you have anything in yours.

Whilst I was a regular churchgoer I had many problems understanding some passages but I found these almost universally misunderstood or even ignored completely. Even those whom I knew to read their Bible every day had trouble (or in the least, trouble explaining). Whenever these subjects would arise in a sermon, the 'easy to manage' first half of the passage would be explained but the rest ignored or at least glossed over. - Even in cases where that appeared to contradict the message from the lectern.

Because this section "My Failure" deals with sometimes lengthy scripture passages there will be several of those expandable bar gimmicks that looks somewhat like this below: (click with you mouse in the bar to expand the hidden verses, and again to hide them if necessary.)

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