I start off with the basics, and rapidly run through some gems from the first few chapters of Genesis - reviewed in such a way that most Christians would not be familiar with, yet afterward the creation account in its surviving state is unlocked and without any contradiction. I move on to the acccount of the flood and conclude with the scripture intact.

Who And What Is God?
Ok, so a page for noobs, and perhaps you too!

Who And What Are We?
Again, for both noobs and seasoned Christians, perhaps you have never looked at the Genesis quite like this?

The Greatest Lie Of Satan
A Satanist may claim that the serpent liberated Adam and Eve from the bonds of ignorance and from the grip of a cruel and vindictive tyrant (our Father Yahweh). Yet this principal tenet of luciferianism is a complete fabrication as the scripture actually (and quite rightly) suggests.

By The Same Word
...And the creation account runs twice over, and the Christians still (to all amazed onlookers) continue to scoff at reality - the "Church" has been overtaken by science and our faith is not found at the cutting edge as it should be!

The Lexis And The Lucis
Some bible translations name the "lucis" or even the fallen cherubim "Lucifer" a "morning star" - which is a falsehood. These delusions come from the assertion that there are only two morning stars, whereas the bible reveals there to be seven found in the sevenfold spirits of God and one, which is the Lord's right hand, making eight in total and there are those eight only. So, as the devil may never claim to have justified his fall and that he has come up shining as if like the heavens, the term "Lucis" (or "light") requires a challenge if it is ever thought to be as a "morning star". Can this be done? To do so I show there are many examples of keywords in the Revelation as examined in the book "Seven Eyes Open" for the use of a primer - one to unlock the scripture; a lexicon of keywords is demonstrated to be needed which therefore takes the form of a "lexis". This, I argue, is far more important to the word of God (the logos) than mere "light" or "virtue", which is completely dependent on that word or "logos" and not a guide to it, a revealer of truth.

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