What is the "Revelation Of Jesus Christ"? As the last book in the bible the "revelation" has been perhaps more misinterpreted than any other book. It is actually a book of word pictures that describe a system of symmetries related to the Godhead. It is the "proof text" for the fact that God is Jesus Christ as much as Jesus Christ is God.

We are all familiar with the finished work on the cross. (If you are not so familiar, you are reading the wrong page.) Yet the revelation includes the events in heaven immediately following the return of Christ in victory - and in the single act of taking His rightful place at the Father's right hand we see in the heavenly visions of John the completed and finished work of God, which culminates in the second coming, resurrection and judgement.

What is the book not? Well there are many visions that could not be literally fulfilled, we are not likely to turn on the TV set and see a woman riding a seven headed beast cantering across the middle east: Neither are we likely to see a return of 144,000 "super-saints" that are born of physical Israeli stock.

In fulfilment there, alongside the word-pictures there may indeed be physical events of fulfillment running alongside the text: but for the most part the fulfilment is actually kept to those events in the book we deduce as supported by the word pictures.

The structure of the Godhead and His symmetries as in the "Metamath" section are applied throughout and many of these word-pictures are explained. There are many occurrences of time periods that are a result of symmetry, and not of literal chronological "gaps" in a narrative. It should be pointed out that this is something new that I have not seen shown elsewhere; as believers we have a tendency to be too literal. The making of eschatological charts etc to predict the precise timing of the end of the world are therefore not supported by this interpretation.

Before this section was rewritten I was a futurist millenialist. After study I had to recant that; I became essentially an amillenialist: but I still hold to the futurist view that there will be a second coming of Jesus Christ and much future fulfilment. I merely place this second coming event as on "the last day" with the resurrection of the just and unjust and the subsequent judgement of all by Christ.

The pages in their sections follow my study through the book of revelation from start to finish. My previous site had been added to repeatedly - forcing a rewrite into some semblance of order. Hopefully this will aid further additions to the study well into the future. If you do not understand the terminology employed, it is because it has prerequisite material in previous pages. I can only suggest you begin to read earlier pages until the unfamiliar becomes familiar.

This area of the site once had almost 100 pages; now condensed to far fewer, with less repeated material - and later doubled with a redux, a second parsing of the prophecy. If I have appeared to have left a glaring gap, it is because the prerequisites are to be found in the "Metamath" section and are purely explained without the need for scripture. Such examples are of the octal group, the finite field GF(8), the K4 ultrafilter etc. The algebra prerequisite for the numbering of the beast in the form of the image and the construction of the trinity are best left to the "Metamath" section.

This site may seem overly exotic, even esoteric: but there is no attempt to cover anything hidden. Nothing is "occult" in the treatment of scripture on this site. If there appears to be some "hidden knowledge" and there is really a gap in the interpretation, please email me using the "@" link in the bottom right of any page with the problem... and I will correct the site or add such knowledge in as appropriate. (Please include the page (or the title of the page) with the problem clearly highlighted or explained.)

Mostly though, I hope you enjoy following this study - and to find you understand the revelation of Jesus Christ for what it is - His own signature to His promises written as surely sworn by His own name. ("Behold, I am coming soon.")

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