Hello and welcome to this website to which I hope to add a few gems I have found strewn across the web that may help to cement your own views as to the validity of the Christian faith. Though the vast number of people, and even most believers would attest, when asked to prove the existence of God, many back down unintentionally to a position of personal significance, which in this day and age can be about as effective a repellent to a mind seeking conclusion as can be imagined. The 'experiential' position is not one that can be understood as valid by listeners not 'feeling' the same. The discourse generally, (at least in my own experience) leads to an 'agree to disagree' or impasse where the zeal of the believer (typically of the younger variety) can step over the bounds of that which would usually be tolerated in terms of volume, etc. Neither of these outcomes is worthy of a Christian.

Christ himself taught us "Do not cast your pearls before swine." Yet fluffing an argument or not adequately presenting the faith, leaving yourself tongue-tied are all areas where we have indeed 'cast off' our side of the argument and degenerated from the 'pearls of wisdom' ideal we had set ourselves. I have had numerous occasions, especially with members of my own family during which I had unintentionally floundered in favour of sinking in quicksand. Part of the reason for this is that I had been schooled in a way that seeks to not debate, but to dialogue to consensus. Either ceasing discourse or breaking dialogue can remedy this, but I admit it is easier to maintain that 'everybody's opinion is valid, to the result that it becomes even more so than my own. I clam up, rather than risking an impasse. (Or in extremis, making an enemy by terminating the discussion or even relationship.) If we have disgraced ourselves in this process by casting our pearls before 'scoffers' by not adequately presenting the truth and bungling, then we have disgraced the gospel as ambassadors for Christ.

It is important to note now, straight from the off, that the arguments in this website are simply just not suitable for use in converting people to Christianity. This is primarily because they are of a nature that makes little sense to a newcomer. They are helpful to a believer, and worthy of a discussion, in the same sense of that with which Einstein introduced his theories of relativity, 'the thought experiment.' One would not expect to teach people in the street Einstein's theories, but would reserve them for students studying physics.

Notwithstanding, during such debate we really should aim as instructed to be as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves. We must also be able to show that we love the truth before we can impart it to another. The first step to not casting our pearls (like a pack animal throwing its load) is to show we do have the love for the truth of the gospel so that we do not breach doctrine by 'agreeing to disagree', (We have then bungled the position we aimed to present, rather than showing ourselves as harmless but possessing truth.) That is, not introducing our beliefs with feelings, thoughts, preferences or family heritage to justify a position that should ultimately justify itself with clarity, no matter how absurd it first appears to others.

People listened to Christ teach because 'He taught as one who had authority to teach.' Though scripture is the best way to explain the gospel, the truth should be self-attesting. That is – it should bite. How could authority to teach the truth come before the love of the truth in us? Everybody hates a hypocrite.

The truth of the gospel should in its first sense be revelatory when the truth of it is imparted. However, the adage, (at least in regard to the existence of God) "the old ones are the best" go hand in hand with centuries of hot and sustainable counter-argument. I hope to start without more bias than the visitor would allow me, but if the intermittent use of scripture offends, I hope not to use it in anything but a clear and positive way where in its own sense, it would appear more as a signpost on a well trodden route, rather than the old 'diamond bullet between the eyes.' I cannot promise that there will not be any surprises, but I will attempt to bring ideas forth to this site in such a way as to not confuse the visitor.

Remember, this is a Christian website, there will be scripture, as well as a little philosophy, but I hope most of all you will enjoy your visit and look further into this interesting subject. Who knows? You may have a revelation yourself!