Ultraproduct - The Last Day

Beforehand we said two sequences were equal if they both contained L(X) at a "large subset" of coordinates in the non-principal ultrafilter. Now we use a principal ultrafilter with the principal element placed at "the last day" or the "day of judgement". Then every subsequent day will be said to "contain" that day as if it were an upper section on the real line taken at some specific day for eternity thereafter.

If we use as our factor M the set of all subsets containing L(G), evaluated under conjunction so that {L(G), q1, q2} becomes "L(G)&q1&q2" we may state that if L(G) is sown on its own, then it makes sense to do so on the last day. The presence of a last day after which every sequence will contain L(G) whether for a positive outcome into approval in eternal life, or in judgement excluding an individual outside to "the second death".

Likewise beginning with Christ whom consistently introduced the kingdom of God in all fullness in L(G), we may state that sequences tending not to L(G) but some other sequence L(X) were either sown L(G) in incompleteness or the individual misunderstood as their own fault. Likewise repeated sowing of the word would increase an individual's knowledge of the virtues of God and the law regarding merely positive properties.

Either way, L(G) was sown, but in those cases where L(G) is incomplete, (say as type (ii) where G is merely some subset {q} or type (iii) where G = H \ L(H) for some virtuous H) we find that on the last day when L(G) is introduced universally either every individual will hold a set of virtues of God, or not, holding "G v p" statements, or not: Those whom do hold "G v p" statements will be clearly shown the error they are in! Those whom have an incomplete yet consistent set of virtues (requiring L(G) to correct them if necessary) may indeed be forgiven, (granted that they hold L(G) and have intercession from Christ)

Then those elected to eternal life have L(G) present from the judgement onwards forever, and those without election are without for eternity. Every sequence will contain L(G) and therefore it is true that "every knee shall bow". We may consider the last term of {L(G)} in union with the last state of the man, (the preceding term) so that "the books are opened" and every shortcoming or fault in adding to the gospel with G v p statements are revealed and evaluated.)

We may all expect to have an incomplete set of virtues, because only Christ has known the Father. However, in placing our faith on Christ, that it was indeed L(G) that He Himself sowed, and not some L(X) - we show that we are able to be "healed" and converted if we are not inattentive to our state and understanding in the gospel. We will be thankful for being reminded with L(G) if we indeed have a correct gospel!

If rather we had put our belief on some other Christ, or an improper set of virtues and commandments, (rather than considering them as G v p statements properly.) we would have placed our faith on a false gospel L(X) sown by some liar or robber if preceeding Christ, or as some "antichrist" that came after. (anti as "in place of")

Jesus knows that faith on Him is the deciding factor - that we be able to show obedience and to correct ourselves are both necessary - but having L(G) intact does not require a complete set of virtues, it does however require that we place our faith on the proper Christ whom is the only example of the true set of such virtues that God finds Himself pleased by.

Our principal element will require that we recover the "last day's" factor in our ultraproduct. If the last factor is always the set of every possible positive property also containing L(G) , then the judgement will display openly before all; that those that tended towards {L(G)} alone in life will tend also at the judgement without issue, absorbing virtue and obeying L(G) in principle as to G v p statements: Those without full (i.e. complete) but consistent virtues will in union with L(G) realise that the "last have come first": and all those with another gospel altogether L(X) will be shown that they indeed do consider themselves approved without a single good reason.

L(G) as displayed in Christ is that same (continual) evaluation of every positive property with an ideal and maximal set of virtue. In placing our faith on the gospel delivered by Christ (and not merely in the power of His name "Jesus" as any other word used as if a talisman) we show immediately that the love of the truth is the primary ingredient to preserve L(G) intact in life. It will have its true reward. Christ knows all of those whom the Father has given Him.

The ultraproduct simply evaluates to the last factor - which is every possible positive property inclusive of L(G) - (which privates none), so therefore if the sequences are evaluated on the correctness of their virtues (by absorption) and differences of right and wrong (obeying commandments pos(p1) <=> ¬pos(p2) etc) to that of God's own - (upon "immersion" of the result of their sequence added into that last set) everything will be laid bare if one is not forgiven. (As opposed to one whom will contract the set to {L(G)} only.)

By "Immersion", I would state that by inserting the sequence of a life into the last factor (the set of every positive property) the sequence will result in evaluating to L(G) or not: and only L(G) with a correct set of virtues will not private positive properties in that last factor. (Privation = bad) So it will be well said that God is better off without those whom He excludes!

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