Anselm's argument may be extended to imply through a sequence of "greater thans" to obtain a "more perfect" God at each stage. We reach rock solid structures based on finite fields for each member of the trinity. Without losing control of our non-principal ultrafilter of perfections, we include them with our model for the trinity in Jesus Christ also.

We indeed see that the presence of Jesus in the trinity is a hugely positive statement! The dynamism added to the trinity is far more beneficial than a merely static non-principal ultrafilter.

In Him We Live, Move And Have Our Being
With the use of an equivalence relation we see that the definition of being is so similar to that of predicated existence it may as well be so. When one considers God's omniscience it is also the case that an equivalence relation may be extended to cover the whole of the observable universe.

Infinite Regression
I now put forward a simple description of an example of infinite regression: It is simply seen as some kind of "strange loop" of coincidence between consciousness and reality. We state that this is how God would see the world were he not triune in nature. However, it is still the case that God may see things in this manner separate from trinity.

God Has A Son
Much algebra abounds here: although it is reduced to brass tacks. There is a distinct (algebraic) set in which God rests with His perspective in infinite regression; it becomes a matter of triune union. This is a maximal condition: there are no such other finite collections, and no further room in the trinity.

God Is Satisfied
If the law is well founded then it is certain that a "man of virtue" in keeping the law unbroken will be satisfying to God. It is possible then that "he" has the same set of virtues as God would require of us all, were we also to live in complete perfection. If God can not be pleased in any man satisfying the law then He can not be pleased even with another God, however hard it may seem to realise. Virtue becomes the greeting place between all who would claim to be perfect.

The Trinty Transforms Perfectly
By inducing an alteration of perfection from a G v p statement the believer falls flat on L(G): But in His perfection a second God could do this flawlessly if He has understanding of God (G) in that same statement. We would expect there to be some sense of a conjunction or excluded middle in G v p.

Equality In The Trinity
The transforming trinity in the sense of positive properties is such that the choice of virtues q are up to God, and those that are always present may be thought of as some minimal subset of requirements. It may be imagined from the model that were we to deduce all of those from the model in this page then God's laws are the intersection of every pleasing set of virtues "q" found in His Son.

The More Excellent Way
The "body of Christ" is so aptly named that it is a term entertained by many without the full appreciation of it's import. Indeed Christ is, as an ultrafilter true almost everywhere amongst His followers. It is also a transformative term, better left to those that can distinguish it from the "mysteries" and have enough discernment to judge as to the gospel's truth. The gospel indicates that people can truly change, which is more than can be said for baseless superstition.

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