According To Your Works

When reading the title we often consider only the judgement of God. That we will be rewarded or punished according to the merit of our works. What is more pertinent is that God will enable us to keep our word as to the works we delight in doing in obedience to Him. Paul, let us consider; chose for his reward to be found in new converts, so that the grace of the gospel would abound all the more freely without reward of money in kind for the receiving of the truth. God supplied his converts.

Likewise in the initial ministry of the apostles in Jerusalem God backed up the apostles testimony with many miracles and marvellous healings, enabling them to quickly make new believers. They were rewarded with spiritual gifts that enabled Peter to keep the commandment of Jesus to "feed my sheep" (made in exchange for Peter to show Jesus his word that he loved Christ.).

So even I find that when I get to my keyboard, I come with nothing but I leave it after the Lord has given me something. Not a great miracle I know, but wait until you've met me, I don't measure up!

Is there any way we could define a miracle in such a fashion as to ensure we are gifted with one? There is almost a way: We need to find a miracle that would hang on whether the kingdom of God has come or not: If such a miracle were not given then trillions of prayers containing "thine Kingdom come" have all been wasted observations.

We could state "It is better to show that the kingdom has come in force than to have left with Christ as gone forever from the world". However God is still at liberty - He has no need to show such examples or "signs" to unbelievers that would make nothing of it but something to scoff at either way, fulfilled or not.

Perhaps the statement "Greater is the one whose kingdom is here than of one whom is gone out of the world". That appears more challenging to a reply: but even then, God is at complete liberty.

When God is not at liberty to refuse is found in his bringing into his fold those He has chosen, and keeping those whom he does not wish to lose. This shows us in proper fashion to the above examples of Paul and Peter that the deeds we are chosen to perform have their resulting spiritual gifts:

I place no limit as to the extent of spiritual gifts as they abound to our good works (to show them effective). I have heard others speaking in tongues, (and am unaware of myself speaking in them when i have done so - rarely!) Still, there is the truly valuable act done solely on the merit of virtue, to which I would ascribe that God would delight in giving a spiritual gift to enable a man to perform it.

Whether you have your own such works or not, I can not say; but I advise you to consider your vows to God before you make them -you will not be free from them until you have earned the very last penny. Ensure it is done in charity.

Any truly virtuous act must be done so on the basis of "agape love" , or "charitable value" not just for the work itself but more relevantly for those to whom the gospel will then reach, to the saving of souls. (God has no requirement to damn more than He has already that refuse Him, He would rather delight in grace abounding the more.)

Such a good work of virtue will be accompanied by spiritual gifts so that it may continue on it's virtue as made at that moment - we will call this "witness" to the gospel. Then the witness of spiritual gifts that accompanies the imparting of the gospel is such as to ensure it stands against any evil that may spring up to superimpose itself on the truth of the (ready to hand) kingdom of God upon it's coming near in the hearing of converts.

Of course, this requires that there be ears for the hearing of the gospel, not just the hands to work miracles! (Even Jesus did few great works in His home town because of the lack of faith there.) If Jesus finds His witness restricted, then us also the more.

Likewise the witness present at the spreading of the gospel is also found in the bible scripture - it can be imparted as by the written word, so that the authority of God is transmitted through scripture rather than the witness of spiritual gifts as by one with the same authority. If one is not willing to believe the basis of the scripture, one is not willing to believe a miracle is of God by virtue of the accounting for those gifts in the scripture. I would first of all expect the bible to be the foremost tool in converting men rather than expecting spiritual gifts to perform many miracles.

However, if you can find a good work to perform, I can assure you you must pick up your cross and follow Christ: you may have the promise of God and His blessing that you will certainly earn that last penny! If on the other hand you have no gifts to witness to it, you can be assured that His "grace is sufficient for you."

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