We lay the groundwork for that which we refer to later in this section. We put forth the possibility of a saving God whom preserves those alive whom please Him. This is put forth here in a rather simplistic manner that should be seen to be more formally arrived at when the whole is drawn together.

The reader should forgive me for the notation, rather than the idea!

Fault, Redemption And Salvation
A quick run down of the difference between the terms repentance, redemption, salvation and of course - error, on the basis of what constitutes a fault before the judgement of God.

Mighty To Save
If we state that God is perfect and He saves, then rather than define salvation there is a simple argument in support of the presence of redemption that may be understood quite easily.

The Persistent Fault
"Once saved always saved" is a bogus statement, rather we may not be forgiven upon the basis (a negative statement) of a small set of (or even a single) fault(s) persisting onward without our repentance, even if we may properly define forgiveness on each occurrence when it rears its ugly head. Repentance must occur sometime!

The Cure For The Mark Of The Beast
The mark of the beast is a dreadful thing in the imagination: However are you confident enough in the resurrection to teach you that it is able to be overcome with faith? I still struggle with this death, but God is able to forgive, we had best not be deceived.

Is God Corrupt? His Ways Are Equal.
The statement that God permits evil seems totally without beauty to non-believers - but the popular statement of God being "corrupt" actually leads us into a segue that asserts to us a condition for the essence of faith itself, and even to strengthen our idea of salvation!

Made Sin For Us
Faith, and faith in the correct God we now liken to the man with virtue. The possibility of a man faultless under the law of God would in like manner have faith that is without fault.(If he were perfect) As we are made in God's image, when we sin we analogously hold in ourselves the evidence that we have a different creator with a different set of virtues - made in our own likenesses rather than in us knowing just how close He (the correct one) truly is.

The Strait Gate
The gospel states that only a small portion of those called will actually become saved - The narrow way to salvation is compared to the broad path that leads to destruction. Both make sense under grace with a little thought, God still has the choice of whom to elect to salvation: There is still no "magic formula" to ensure one's self is saved - even faith alone is not enough if it blasphemes the Holy Ghost.

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