Infinite Regression

In order to explain infinite regression, understand this idea:

A man opens the door to His house and walks outside. As soon as he walks outside he sees a door very far away, of unimaginable size. As he walks towards it, he himself notices he gets larger and taller and the huge door in front of him appears to shrink as he approaches and the length of his gait increases. When he gets close, he recognises the door as His own front door, opens it and walks outside. This time, as he passes through the door, he glances back, (with perfect eyesight) and sees a tiny model of a house in the middle of the room with a small man opening the door, looking back over his shoulder. This is infinite regression, that this man can walk forever and never leave the same room.

So, if God can understand everything in creation in His understanding perfectly and His own position in it, that it is solid in some sense for it also to seem to Him to exist: Then we can consider that God's mind has some kind of self-referencing loop upon it.

Laughably, we only need to imagine a system of concentric circles, choose a reference starting point and number the "inside" of the circles with the integers; so by alternating we divide into two classes, one is the set of even numbers "rooms" and the odd numbers for the "garden outside". Then spacial awareness resolves itself so that looking with His eyes would be as "1" and thinking where He is is "0". We would have a "1", then its container "0" , then the container of that container another "1" alternating as we go.

Then we simply reduce to a symmetry of order two, not a reflection or a rotation, but more so another transformation aside from translation, but as one would do upon a freize painting.

Then we consider that God has only one mind that reolves perfectly at any instant with all of creation.

This principle is also discussed in one of the old "planet of the apes" films. However it is illustrated as a painter painting himself into the painting he is painting, and regressing infinitely so. However if you also like pink floyd, then the ummagumma cover does the same thing.

Then, it makes no sense to ask "where is God?", God is with God, and thats what matters: We will examine the consequences of infinite regression reduced to symmetry more fullly in the Metamath pages and use it in the study of Revelation.

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