This section is only "quasi" metaphysical, but assumes that once the gospel has been heard, it must be taken somewhere new. There is every indication in scripture that the gospel has plenty more to be done for it, whether by virtue of making new converts or by the study of scripture that would unlock meaning to those coming after. If it were possible to plumb the depths of all grace, we would be able to further it more effectively!

Likewise there is no shame to be found in not making a convert: God may with you unlock some door for another to salvation that had not been opened otherwise, choosing you for that favour to the gospel rather than some other, even if that other has gone before you!

The Truth Shall Make You Free
I attempt to disassemble the nature of the commandments of God and how they relate to the virtues we share with God through our emulation of Christ. We see that the virtue of God which entails we keep the law, "liberty" must be a virtue for us also, and it only follows as such when one is in good standing with God already.

The Proper Place Of The Law
The proper place of the law is not in the letter, but in the intent of the law. That would seem to indicate that the law can not be consistently communicated: but with God that is not the case. There are many such requirements that seem without merit; but these fall into a different category. We see the requirements of law (faith is necessary) and of virtue are "turned upside down".

Higher Than Your Ways
We take a brief excursion into the nature of evil: we have to define evil in order to understand it; but that would assume that evil is logically consistent, unlike the non-principal definition of our ultrafilter of perfections on positive properties. We can likewise ascribe good overall to a creative God, but we find too easily that there are occurrences that cry out against any logical concept of universal "good". Some things we must surely accept, no matter how hard they can be.

Virtue Overrides Obedience
In this page I make some attempt to show that virtue in the creator can exist aside from the evil present that resists it. By defining evil, good and virtue in a more simplistic setting we show that creation as it is intended is to show the perfect works of God: And for God to resist evil universally is so as to make His creation a work without virtue. In doing so we show that there is an underlying argument that shows the existence of evil permitted by a creator can still be in line with good acts made with virtue.

The Mother Does Better
Virtue indeed has it's place in the world today - there is a discussion of ethics and morality between those that believe and those that do not - however there was never a right to abortion. Ethics and morality has never found any agreement between those that hold life scared and those that would not.

According To Your Works
We often refer to the preacher on the street corner as "witnessing" the gospel, but it is far greater to state that a teacher will be in receipt of the witness of God - for it is far greater. If preaching is accompanied with signs and miracles we would expect there to be a reason why we no longer hear of these miracles. (They always occur in some remote location through word of mouth of some other Christian mission far away.) Likewise, the authority of God is now communicated fully through scripture, which is basis enough for not providing modern scoffers with cannon fodder.

Faith Without Works Is Dead
What does it mean, that faith without works is dead? How can we measure ourselves by other peoples works? We are not all making thousands of converts, but there is hope left for those whom would do good works without ever making one conversion. (And quite rightly so!) We should know that we may leave behind us something more valuable than "word of mouth" or a second bible collecting dust on a shelf somewhere.

The Power Of Contract
This page is planted here with content from the Revelation site and the discussion on the angel of the church's mechanism of salvation. As the least in the kingdom of heaven under the worst possible circumstances, salvation is assured to those that repent in Jesus Christ. The hard work, done already by the angel (whether before during or after another in the same boat), opens a door which everyone may freely depart through.

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