This section leads up to two structures called "ultraproducts". They are constructions using sequences that may be considered equal in a set of classes that preserve the language of their factors. The result is that the gospel is shown to be dynamic, and truly effective, (in general rather than in the odd case here and there:) The result is that spreading the gospel from person to person is positive and does nothing to private its quality if it is sown in simplicity according to the scriptures.

Made In The Image Of God
I assert that being able to conceive of God and His purposes for us is more important than our physical appearance when it comes to the nature of our creation. In being able to conceive of a necessarily existent being we show the mirrored purpose God has for us with respect towards Him.

Many First Shall Be Last
In this page I state that there is a clear difference between faith and understanding. The former is of sovereignty of God over us, and the latter is knowledge of His promises and character. One may equivocate the two, even with the term "wisdom" but there is wisdom in obedience that is without the benefit of knowledge of God's virtues.

Received As A Little Child
I attest that the kingdom of God must be accepted in its simplest form in order for it to become fruitful. In the manner of great weakness the power of the gospel to save is at its maximum. When we accept the gospel with prior assumptions we show that we accepted it on the basis of our own strongholds and stumbling blocks.

Parable Of The Sower - Sequences
I try to analyse the parable of the sower in terms of sequences of positive properties that may be held by a believer. I examine the four cases God has given in the parable, from which we have a complete list of the possibilities leading to the fertile "ground" of L(G) backed with scripture.

Ultraproduct - The Sowing Of The Word
We re-examine the sequences to show precisely how the gospel may be seen to be dynamic, rather than a simple recitation of creeds or prayers and sacraments. The gospel is powerful to save, and there is much comfort to be had in that God knows our shortcomings and has made things ever so simple for us to understand.

Ultraproduct - The Last Day
The judgement allows us to place a principal ultrafilter rather than that of the non-principal ultrafilter we used previously. We allow the "last day" to represent the last state of every man's life or "word-sown sequence" in accord with how many positive properties of Christ may be privated by inclusion of the judged individual. The ideal is for "none" but in reality as we have an incomplete set of virtues, we also rely on our obedience - even if that obedience is limited to L(G).

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