The Bottom Line - Hard to Swallow

So, if authority is also an ultrafilter and is shown to be as valid in scope as the acceptance of L(G) in the faith of the individual, what then? Truthfully we have a hard truth to swallow. The authority of God is not given us but over each other in the faith of the gospel built appropriately on L(G). God's authority is absolute yet we only have authority to correct those that hold something falsely over the same axiom of the Kingdom of God, the sovereignty of God over us all, L(G).

God, has chosen whom he will exercise authority to correct in the gospel. They are the elect. All others; those "given over to a reprobate mind" or "antichrist" are not under the authority of God as we; Else God, with all His perfection would immediately have their obedience! But we do not see this as so. We then as Christians are His only subjects (in the kingdom) yet they are actually "outside" - not just the temple but the kingdom also, (or else they are unknowingly in the kingdom but they do not understand or care for it.) God does not exercise His correcting influence over them - they are the "not chosen" or are "spiritually dead."

So, are any expectations of episodes such as the Mount Carmel incident as with Elijah forever gone? (We must remember that that was in the OT nation of Israel, still God's people by default as such.) Truthfully amongst those that do not have Christ we may expect no such further sign or "wizardry of miraculous power" that will show us justified before men, yet not before God, who desires foremost for us to "Feed His sheep".

"Shining our light" as "the salt of the earth" is not then to correct unbelievers on any part of the Gospel or the law, rather we should openly and forthrightly offer a clean and sanctified faith and life. We may only do that in holding fast our faith in priority over our relationships with others (those relationships must be in the same gospel as taught by Paul.) in such a manner as to shine the benefits without compromise.

I can honestly say I have truly worn myself out trying to think of a way to "correct" those I love - but have yet to deduce an answer greater than, "I do my best" : They know the change my faith has made to me, yet even now they do not understand it. I can not force them to read or even to pray: I am relieved that I am not truthfully called to! Yet this does make me rather sad.

What is more important, is that the authority of God is not to be that light that shines outward, but is reserved for inward correction, edification, prophesying and healing etc. Now, I can expect even the smallest unit of fellowship - "the individual" to have access to that same authority. I.e. to be found in correcting myself - surely ? Thank you Lord, that you are my correction and my discipline! For that I can attest comes from God and is not a coincidence. I can attest to the power of God in my own experience and no longer have to wait in the church queue waiting to be ministered to.

The hardest word of this is not that God considers His correction wasted on all those I love - yet I can honestly say it sometimes seems like it. Rather the bottom line is that even if I had the authority to do it all myself I wouldn't know what to do with any of it. Calling fire from heaven, or parting the seas? I would question the rewards of such an enterprise - even Christ's own broader ministry is now overwhelmed with tares. I would certainly make matters worse myself. Best leave those things up to God and for others to accept their own opportunities to engage God rather than having the time of their revelation and acceptance of the gospel made for them by others on drip-feed. In going it alone I have showed them I can still function without all the "trimmings". In truth, barring the scriptures I am as "small" a christian as they are not - I believe and they do not.

Is this balance of faith against their lack due any reward? I know now that It is not my place to correct them: At least not now - God will correct them if He chooses to do so. He has and does show me much unmerited favour - I was many years without that favour whilst still living what I thought was obedience through a "church". Does leaving a church qualify as much for grace as they would; by arriving at L(G)? I look forward to the day I overhear that one! I am not so different from them at all: Now I feel better!

Jesus taught that the shepherd looks for the lost one sheep more than the ninety nine in the fold. This is not an assurance that outward evangelism is a priority: For we have one shepherd and we are not to replace what He has done, or even to work as the angels do in separating out tares upon the harvest. In evangelism there is a reaping of the field whenever one sees a harvest ripe; one scythes. Separation is done in the ears of the hearer - not in the mouth of the orator. Yet truly unless one teaches there will none understand - except in this age when the scriptures are disseminated and the internet has unstopped every ear. Now Christ is taught almost worldwide by Christ Himself: In rejoicing for the one sheep found over the ninety nine that kept themselves from going astray, The angels rejoice more because not only is it the work of the perfect shepherd to gather His own flock, but it is the greater miracle that people will continue to just wander through life and find a need for God without prompting.

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