This section though it appears first in the "Creationism" section is actually a late addition. The older and now replaced sections in this area fell into the category of "apologetics". I decided to revise this area of the site completely - since sitting cooing on the fence between believers and non-believers alike is not only a daft thing to do; it neither states the truth of scripture strongly enough or convinces a non-believer to listen, (for on the most part they can see christian apologists coming from a long way off.) It is a wasted effort to attempt to draw someone into a similar mode of thinking if the method used is in fact itself compromised, or a way of finding a common "meeting place" where ideas are exchanged. Personal beliefs are not and can not be up to debate: I present the creation account in this section and show that it is rather the task of modern physics and the other sciences to catch up with the wisdom of God's word. I do not apologise.

An Entry Point Into The Creation Account
God does not need to continually form the Earth with His thinking,.. He is not continually needed to be present and active for the universe to exist. It is not a case that the universe exists "simply because God continually thinks it does." Whereas God could choose to know where everything in creation is and where it is going, God actually created the universe in a manner where it is actually here and existent,.. it is not creation in the sense that God "maintains" his creation,.. or there is some "dream" of the lotus etc.

Let There Be Spacetime
We now have to admit that there is a use for a finite speed of light - it is not merely an arbitrary amount,.. the speed of light linearly relates the energy and mass of an object at rest. If the speed of light were infinite, would we be able to exist if each of us required infinite energy? Causality is also affected by the speed of light - God states many principles of physics within the account,.. such as relativity, the interconnectivity of spacetime as well as the conservation of energy.

Past, Present And Future
God actually creates something on the second day, empty space! Whereas it may seem nonsense to create a single instant of time, and to test to see if it survives its implied contingent existence to a past that was not actually created, the nature of spacetime as a four dimensional system shows that this empty moment in space (created without matter within) may stand upon its own "moment in the present" contingently.

Apparent Rapid Expansion And A Big Bang
The biblical account continues with the gathering together of seas,.. but we must leave behind church tradition and pick up on the similitudes that God has provided us with. Modern physics is not wrong on the big bang,. but in truth they are not right either. Why? Well, if you read the previous pages then this page will clearly explain so. We also see these are the very first verses that indicate God was pleased with His creation. He had every reason to be so - for he had overcome the impediments to creating matter and the earth that He began with in the first verse.

Plants Without Gravity Or Electromagnetism?
God creates plants using an apparent fossil record as the mechanism to bring into being contingent life-forms that he tests on the third day. Plants, being expendable to God are shown to be "true to intent" when brought into being by His creative action. The fossil record picks up the slack to allow them to survive the withdrawal of God's creative hand. A small risk to a perfect God not to head straight for the dodo, but a reassurance to us that God has care over His creation. No plant here ever died in agony because it was shown to be contingent.

No Plants On The Third Day
The creation account has no flaw. I only realised my mistake interpreting it with plants created on the third day. That, is actually a falsehood! The third day is solely concerned with the creation of matter, and Moses wrote what God has stated. God, "called" the waters "seas" just as He called the matter "Earth". We are not explicitly told that "herb" and "tree" mean something other than the usual meaning, but it is consistent to realise they dont!

Two Great Lights, Gravity & Electromagnetism
Gravity and electromagnetism (EM) form the limits of what we see in the observable universe. Without leaning towards the particle/wave duality on the quantum level we simply see that these two forces shape and determine almost everything we may possibly witness in what we call the "observable" universe.

Creatures And Fowl From The Waters
You may deem that I twist the text to bend over backwards with the creation account, pandering to the scientific opinion of today. Yet I say, I am happy with this page - after studying revelation and finding many terms in similitude I have come to the assumption that the universe appears to support evolution because it was made to do so, although evolution is a nonsense if one is able to accept the truth of scripture. God spoke in terms that give us complete meaning today, we whom have the result of astrophysics, relativity and biology as well as the patience to dig up multiple examples from the fossil record and catalogue them. I do not believe in evolution. I plainly state that here. Likewise, I firmly believe in the God who created this world, and not some tradition that misinterpreted the true words of God given to Moses that were intended to be kept intact as is (and for us whom have the appropriate knowledge for them in these last days) by bronze age nomads in the wilderness.

Cattle Lead To Men To Keep Them
Some brief tidying up here on the assertion that the fossil record was actually created after the living beings we see in the world today, and also after the creation of the whales or "monsters" as causes from which to draw a basis for the contingent existence of all animal life.

Made In The Image Of God
Man is created almost as a lengthy caveat, God makes man steward over all the creatures of His world. We may only assume that amongst everything He made, there was something missing for which it was intended. I can only state from scripture that it was for His (Christ's) pleasure it was all made. Man was created to multiply the worth found in the creation and increase the value that God found in Man and vice-versa, all improving the creation's original purpose, its value.

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