Ordo Ab Chao

Ordo Ab Chao, or "Order from chaos" is a much used term to describe the methods of "the illuminati" or "them". It is actually far better applied to the purposes of satan as satan himself progresses through history. When looking at the arguments that people have researched as to when and where efforts have been made to socially engineer an outcome, the evidence may look damning,.. truth is it probably is.

The concept of social engineering is in its basic form:

i) state your aims

ii) create a crisis that can be solved by your aims

iii) offer that solution,

iv) you have your means to an end.

Another way of putting it is create your thesis, then make an antithesis that causes chaos, whether it be a security or financial issue etc; then offer the thesis as a solution, and then what emerges is a synthesis: yet it is that synthesis which may be steered to your ends. It is your means - your purpose to govern. What results is more control and "order" from that chaos that people will more readily accept than outright tyranny. (though they have the same results).

In the same manner there are limits as to what can be done using the dialectics for social engineering. The limit of four dialectics before a series comes to contradict it's starting premise has led me to consider that the fourth will always contradict the first, and this "string of four" dialectics will continue to march on through history as "the tail of the dragon" as it is referred to in the book of revelation.

We know there were six OT kingdoms before Christ in the bible, Egypt, Asyrria, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome. In this way we see that the series that began with Egypt, Assyria, Babylon was countered militarily by Persia which defeated Babylon and each of the next kingdoms must have defeated the previous one and inherited from them by conquering.


Egypt, Assyria, Babylon + (Persia)


Assyria, Babylon, Persia + (Greece)


Babylon, Persia, Greece + (Rome)

with the conquering power in the (...)

That is, if the dialectic is in view and there is need for some "revolution" of thought from the next conquerors. We are told in the book of Daniel that Babylon is the "head of gold" and we can safely consider Egypt and Assyria as vassals of Nebuchadnezzar, so we really only have the sequence ;



Babylon + (Persia)


Babylon, Persia + (Greece)


Babylon, Persia, Greece + (Rome)

Where the "leading edge" in the (...) is also the bottom row.

Likewise we also have the famous four horsemen of the seals in revelation, colour coded dialectics of white, red, black and pale. Also in Daniel these represent Britain, Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany and the USA. In like fashion we may write;

Britain, USSR, Germany, + (the USA) our bottom row, but the three rows above it are "plucked up" before the little horn state of Israel appears on the scene.

We must begin with the assumption that in both cases of OT and NT series the target of these series are without doubt the nation of Israel (The body of Christ is the new testament Israel.)

In Daniel, the interpretation of the king's dream states that in the days of these kings, God will set up a kingdom that will never be given to other men. Satan constructed the world's first superpower (Rome) to hold sway over Israel by preceding Rome with a series of empires that added to Babylonian power the properties of improved political strength and a swift military might. The civilisation of the mediterranean world in the empires previous to Rome ensured that Rome would do all it could to hold on to its conquered territory - Israel included. A physical kingdom would be near impossible for Jesus to set up "in the name of God".

Likewise the three kingdoms leading to the USA have all been defeated in battle by the USA. By rights we should see in the USA the results of the opposition to the principles which led to war, self governance in the states, freedom from oppression, economic prosperity; not a system which does all those things in clear violation of its founding documents (that ensured the people of the US would fight for those very virtues) of what was then an anomaly, the worlds first ever nation that made every man a king, secure in his own property.

The contradiction then is more easily seen in the modern USA - create a thesis of freedom, use it's presence to destabilise the direct rule in every other country in the world, (with one hand offering them freedom but never exporting it's guaranteed form in the US constitution) - then resolve every dispute with force or with a treaty and slowly let the government of the USA come into alignment with the tyranny it opposed, all the while letting its citizenry pervert the gospel of Jesus Christ leaving only a small remnant remaining. The result is that freedom is now licentious, religious freedom now only tacit and the rights of man more or less null and void - and all in the one country that is said to be the standard of freedom for all? Ouch!

Likewise Rome had its history. We are told of Rome that it was formed part of iron and part of miry clay, later referred to as after the coming of the kingdom of God as "potters clay". The former two would not mingle; there was opposition to the state religion of Rome.

However the spiritual background to the empire-conquering of the OT series is the working place for God revealing His true Christ in Israel. It might have seemed to be going satan's way for a while, but men can spot the genuine article when they see it.

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