Is This Some Sort Of Joke?

I am sure this site will not be considered as a form of satire: I intend no ridicule to any ones dearly held fixed beliefs. I expect that only a few visitors will read anything on this site - and there will be no repeated visits because of the highly esoteric (truly seeming so) form of the metamath, and revelation areas - as well as the oddness in appearance of the metaphysics section.

I can however imagine some concerned and worried christian student handing a copy of a page to a tutor and getting an immediate "F" grade. Please don't bring your praise to my door, I do not belong upon a pedestal either.

So, satire - where does a statement like that leave this site? Is it a twisting of deeply cherished faith to correspond to the world today, to show through some devilish spite the ridicule that will be upon the heads of the vocal few that will lift these pages up as some banner for a group dynamic? Good God no, I would hope not.

I am happy to leave the reader to his own bible - the scripture I hope will bite harder with the truth gripped in its teeth - and more so if you follow the pattern of the interpretation of the revelation on the site - also the Genesis account has its interpretation in this site over so many pages it is only truly worthy for self-edification, to the unbeliever it would get an immediate "TLDR" (too long, didn't read) and you should give them an immediate "F" before they give you one.

I would not gamble a moment of my time or my education on defending the scriptures as scientific before peers that have already rejected the scripture as it is - before it's interpretation. To them, God is dead. This site is simply not food for converting people to Christianity. People do not believe the bible because they have rejected God; not because they do not understand the relevance of the bible and the correct revealing of the truth of God's accounts of creation and the strength of His promises - His covenant.

The "unbeliever" will reject any scriptural interpretation as on this site as "satire" or "a trick" because they honestly don't give a monkeys. "God" to them would not be believed if He walked up to them and explained it all personally: They would not believe even then since they do not believe the book inspired by God: They do not believe it because it was written by God: not because it "doesnt make sense" or "it is too childish for them".

They will only believe the word of God and the promises they have missed out upon when they themselves are cast out and left to gnash their teeth and gnaw their tongues in pain for their "worm that will not die" - their presumed worth to God.

Now, hellfire and damnation no one likes to hear: people immediately start calling others bigots and stupid and a "lower order thinker". However if the end result is God's own choice - where does that leave the choice of the unbeliever in rejecting God? If an individual were so easily able to be converted and be grafted in to the people of God by mere belief alone, do the unbelievers reject belief or reject God?

Just as faith can be considered to have an "essence" so may God in His own necessary existence. (See Godel's ontological proof.) Godel was on his part assured that people may have essences also. If the end result of the man 'damned' is to be left with the essence he chose for himself - that of disbelief in God, other than having the essence of faith (L(G) - God's sovereign liberty), If this is truly tested to be their very own person's essence and of their own choice - the personal rejection of God; then no wonder they were never saved by God. There was nothing in the person to be damned that is remaining by God's intent. Everything one could define of that individual logically follows as utterly worthless to God. Whether it is pain enough to see the redeemed in paradise while you are cast out in darkness, or if there must be a literal "lake of fire" then the truth is, I and you the reader I hope, have no reason to be there.

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