No Argument Of Infinite Descent

So, anyone claiming justification before the throne during God's judgement on the basis of infinite descent claims that God's law is faulty and has the same fault as D, having broken all the law and blasphemed the Holy Ghost.

Anyone requiring some X to necessarily excuse their faults is then requiring an equivalence with the substitution D for X. we may say some 'd' for X. in either case there is the disjunction f(d) v f(G) and it has the very same disjunction, that D = X.

In this fashion, such unrepentant souls have the devil for their father.

However we must make this more logical than simply pointing out the disjunction: For claiming that God's own sovereignty is null before that of X is to require not just His liberty, but to deny Him as the maker Most High.

In asking, "Where is the God that created you?" to the Most High there is no method to make it justifiable, As we know that X must be perfect, yet there is no fault in God before the lawlessness of D over every fault possible, so much less than a subset of those faults that would imply any fault f(G) of God's law.

X would, as a perfect being be in complete agreement with G whether He exists or not - both X and G are perfect. It was said by a wise pastor that it doesn't matter if God is responsible to His creator, what matters is that God is the creator of he whom is before Him for judgement. That one is responsible to answer to God.

X can not be used to justify such a disjunction, We have stated in the metaphysics area that Jesus shows a maximal set of virtue, such example will not go unnoticed before anyone at the judgement, every knee shall bow.

If there is an X, He must then allow by "some law of the creators" that there is no justification for stepping between a creator and His creations at moments of reckoning.

Since Jesus does just that, we may put X as Jesus Christ and identify D with the spirit of antichrist.

X is a redeemer, if Jesus is X.

X is Holy and without fault

X is incorruptible

X does work no corruption

If Jesus is X, then X=>f(d) for all d under all faults f of God's law (For God's law is consistent and possible to keep)

X, (Jesus) does not step between us and His Father's wrath, rather He reckoned for us Himself already.

Jesus, was He for whom creation was created, for His enjoyment. There is no enmity between Christ and His Father.

Jesus is "Good". Jesus is God. Jesus and His Father are in agreement, G<=>X if Jesus is X.

X is not God's Father, X is God's Son!

Now, given that "anti" is defined as "against" or "in place of" , in what way is X = D anything except antichrist? Likewise anyone claiming the same lie operates in the spirit of antichrist, and is a son of perdition.

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